all about the P.K.

My name is Brent . . . you really want to know more?

My favorite color is:

Sky-blue Pink. This is what my grandfather would always tell people. As a little boy, I grasped onto it and claimed it as mine, too. However, I took this particular color a little farther and defined it as: the sky’s color seen when the sun sets into the night.

Current books that I’m reading:

Current comics that I’m reading:

  • DC vs. Vampires by James Tynion IV (Author), Otto Schmidt (Illustrator)
  • BRZRKR by Matt Kindt (Author), Keanu Reeves (Author, Creator), Ron Garney (Illustrator)
  • Joy Operations by Brian Michael Bendis (Author)

I purchase all my comics from Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, DE

Current “tunage” on my Spotify:

  • Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers by Kendrick Lamar
  • Dropout Boogie by The Black Keys
  • Lucifer On The Sofa by Spoon

Current “tunage” via Vinyl:

Podcasts that are on my weekly rotation:

  • The Dave Chang Show
  • The Tim Ferriss Show
  • The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show
  • The Daily Stoic

Where to find me:






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