disclaimer by brent

1) All stories are proofread and corrected by someone . . . that someone doesn’t want to be named.

2) I am a Howard stern fan – explains some of the humor – @HowardStern

3) I am a Philly sports fan- explains some of the bitterness

4) I believe in the gospel of Family Guy man – @SethMacFarlane

5) I thought the “Uma-Oprah, Oprah-Uma” David Letterman joke from the Oscars in ’95 was funny

6) All the names in my stories have been changed.  However, some were then changed back again, but you won’t know who . . . you just won’t know.

7) I have read everything from Tim Ferriss, so I am always up for anything!

8) I’ve also read it all from Ryan Holiday, which is where I learned to follow Stoicism. “Memento Mori” – enjoy the now!

9) All stories have been glorified, because that’s what imaginations are for.

10) I am the Son of a Preacher Man . . . so, anything goes!