52 Week: Blog My Meal Challenge

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Hi (simple wave). My name is Brent, but hopefully you know that by now.  Anyway, I’m 1/2 of the Pigskin Gourmet team.  (Hey, what’s that? – click here – seriously, do it some time). Anyway, my entire life I always thought that I could cook.  Through college, single life, dating life . . . I would cook and people would appear to like it. And then, I met my wife.  Now, she can cook – like, really cook.  In turn, I became way too shy to make any attempt in showing off my “cooking skills”, which was quickly proving in my mind to not be so hot of a talent of mine any more. Please note – I never gave her the opportunity to push forward a painful smile after tasting a prepared dish of mine during our dating tenure. Once I tasted a couple of her meals, I just didn’t even send off a scent of me knowing anything about what to do in the kitchen – my fault entirely.

Anyway, I’ve decided to challenge myself to cooking at least one meal a week. Now, I realize this doesn’t appear all that difficult, but I am always a firm believer of utilizing what you have and letting the stars shine before you. In other words, since she loves to cook and is so god damn good at it . . . let her cook! I can do the clean-up. I can obviously do the eating, too. In the end though, I’ve missed out on doing something fun and that’s cooking and, at times, cooking with my wife. During these 52 weeks, I’m going to be trying new and different recipes. Simple ones and hard ones. Flying solo and . . . “Lauren!” (my wife) “Help!!” She’ll be there too. Whew!

Also – rules will change because let’s have some fun. In turn, rule #1 – it doesn’t have to be 52 weeks in a row. Life happens. My goal is 52 meals over the course of the year. Father’s Day 2020 started it all – Meal #1.

Meal #2 from July 1, 2020

Meal #3 from July 5, 2020

Meal #4 from July 22, 2020

Meal #5 from July 26, 2020

Meal #6 from August 9, 2020