morning babble / Wednesday 2-3-21

Groundhog saw its shadow yesterday – 6 more weeks until Spring Training.  Something like that.  MLB are still negotiating on when to start it all. Blame the groundhog.

Also, just a friendly reminder . . . we are now into the 3rd day of February – all Christmas decorations should really be taken down.

Black & white video is back.  Therefore, you don’t see my blotchiness which I realize is the visible proof that I ran, but – I did run . . . really!

The reason I had to show color yesterday was because I talked about the “pinkness” of the Kraft Mac & Cheese. Without the video being in color, everything that I said made zero sense when discussing the bowl of “intestines.” Go back and see!

I need to work on my morning routine and write it out. Step 1 – wake up and get out of bed!

Million Seconds = 11 days // Billion Seconds = 31 years

“Focus is the art of knowing what to ignore.” — James Clear

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