morning babble / Friday 2-19-21

50 videos / 50 runs of 5k! / Small milestone, eh?

Answers to 3 questions:

  1. Did I finish the Sleepy book (Why We Sleep)? No – not yet. Before March – that’s the goal!
  2. Do I still have a hole in my pants? Yes, but not these. I’m hanging onto those cargos for as long as I can. Trying to get to the cargo shorts weather, but it’s still so cold.
  3. You talk about WandaVision a lot. What did you think of the Mandalorian? Well, I have talked about Mandalorian. And I loved it. My man, Berman, who is my guru on anything Star Wars gave me the heads up about its nomination for Best Drama Television Series at the Golden Globes! If something Star Wars is happening, he’s tweeting about it. If someone dies, he’s the first to always know and tweet about it. Been busy lately huh, Berman. Yesterday, we lost Prince Markie Dee of “The Fat Boys” – he was only 52.

New Music Friday:

  • New songs from Ariana Grande and 24kGoldn, but nothing major and no surprises. No new Drake either – still rehabbing his knew, so that January promised album looks like it’s not happening for February.
  • New song released – Way Less Sad – from AJR’s upcoming album which will be out in its entirety on March 26th
  • Manchester Orchestra Announce New Album, Share New Song “Bed Head”
  • Something for Green Day fans, the three bandmates will be landing alongside many others in the next Funko POP Rocks wave! They will join fellow punk bands like Fall Out Boy and Blink 182 as have their own figures.

“If you swallow the coin
From the wishing well
Your dreams will come true
In heaven or hell”

Sent to Tom Morello in late night text message by fellow Audioslave member Chris Cornell.

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