morning babble / Monday 4-19-21

It’s Monday and here we go again. BUT – I do like Mondays because (I’ve said it before) I get to pick up daughter from school today. The enjoyment in her face because her daddy is picking her up – I could set records! However, I need to make sure I hit the bank for a deposit prior to getting her. She enjoys me being there, telling me stories about her day, and knowing that we are going straight home because it is lunchtime. Otherwise, there’s a spiral downwards. So – bank deposit BEFORE getting the kid. The deposit made me think about paperclips and all the ones that TD Bank still has that are rightfully mine. I use the drive-thru and paper clip together the deposit form with the checks and cash. They never send the paper clip back. They used to . . . they would attach it to the deposit slip. No more. They are paper clip thieves.

109th run / 109th babble – streak continues! And yes, still no fun beverage (alcohol).

Last night, I pulled my Ray Dalio book – Principles – off the shelf and flipped to some of my tabbed pages. I saw Smorgasbord and had to read from that tabbed page today (check the video). I think I’ll put together my Top 5 most tabbed up books and go over them on a Sunday book day.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found ten thousand ways that do not work.” – by Thomas Edison (borrowed from the Ray Dalio book – Principles – p. 349)

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