morning babble / Wednesday 4-21-21

You know the drill – this is the scribble for the babble. clean-up is needed on the wordage.

111 Runs / 111 Vlogs! My favorite number is 11 because of Barry Larkin – shortstop of the Cincinnati Reds. Later on, Jimmy Rollins has 11 for my beloved Phillies.

April Alcohol Drought continues

I told a story yesterday about soap and someone called me . . . not believing the story. I want to stress that it is very much true. I go into homes and you would be amazed how many of them don’t have soap in the bathroom. Anyway, this one particular home, I truly did bring out a hand soap container. It was home that I was doing a lot of work at and at the end of every visit, I wanted to clean up. It was typically my last visit and it disgusting leaving there all the time with dirty hands the whole way home. It was funny . . . one of my guys back then Larry was shocked when he finally saw soap there and announced it to me. I explained – I brought it. Just yesterday . . . I went to wash my hands in the bathroom at the end of my visit and had to go to the kitchen and use their dish soap to do the clean-up.

“General rule: the more someone tells you how hard they’re working for you, the less they are actually getting done for you.” – by Tim Ferriss

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