morning babble / Sunday 4-25-21

Slept in! 115 vlogs or Morning Babbles / the 115th 5k run will be outside in a little bit. Still having issues with being achy after sleeping more than I usually do. Sometimes I think it’s water related though – I didn’t have my typical 64 oz of water yesterday. I showed that picture last night of the Jack White Vinyl – FYI, I’m on the last side – side H. I also had the picture of the 32 oz water bottle. I try to finish off 2 of these every day.


  • Should be finishing up the Emmanuel Acho book – Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man this week. It’s a very real book and a tough read at times, but I’m enjoying it and learning. We all need some learning. How about the final show of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – that was powerful stuff. Well done Marvel and Disney, too.
  • And then – I’m going for the David Chang memoir – Eat A Peach – can’t wait!
  • Something else that I need to read – my emails! Still haven’t cleaned up my email subscriptions – I so need to do that. Every time that I just want to hit delete on all of them . . . I find a prize quote or fact or story. I like using my Kindle when I plow through them and it’s all charged up and ready to go. I’ve got 377 to read – that’s just stupid.
  • Lastly, I bummed over the books that I’ve read in the past but never “tabbed” them up the way I do today. The book – Rework – I know was a favorite of mine and filled with all kinds of good nuggets, but I didn’t mark it up. I’ll have to dig back into it and find the good stuff. Then maybe, I’ll try to do a deep dive into it.

“I begin to speak only when I’m certain what I’ll say isn’t better left unsaid.” – Cato

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