morning babble / Monday 4-26-21

The Oscars were last night – I didn’t watch. Sorry. I haven’t really seen any of the movies. Nomadland won for best picture. Soul won for best animated picture, but that one I did see AND enjoyed. So, I can say to go see that Pixar film – it’s a good one.

Yesterday, I had my first “old man” or “old guy” fall. It was embarrassing. I was taking out the trash. In fact, the trash taking out part was done and I was walking back empty handed. Walking along the concrete slab aka curb that’s in front of the vehicles – like 4″ high. Yeah, I was tightroping the curb and then slipped off. Initially, I tried to catch myself but failed miserably. My left knee went down and nailed the concrete. Ripped my pants. And finally, I gave up and simply rolled down the hill. OLD.

You know what’s going to get me though. Our dogs. We have two really old dogs – Brodie and Charlie. Charlie will be 14 next week, while Brodie is easily 16. He’s named after the character in Mallrats via Kevin Smith. The actor Jason Lee plays Brodie.

Sorry – back to the dogs. Brodie has a talent of getting under your feet and making you fall – like really just flat out fall. Bet on Brodie to break my running streak.

“The best way to complain is to make things better.” – Seth Godin

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