morning babble / Wednesday 4-28-21

Lotta scribble to help with the babble.

Wednesday the 28th. Saturday is May 1st. April Alcohol Drought is almost over. Like I said before, I honestly haven’t felt all that different. I mean – the only thing that bummed me out was how many times I thought of having a beverage.

Listening to the Dave Chang podcast again – it really is a good show. Love the different types that they have. Tasting different snacks shows. Dad episodes. And then just learning about cooking or ingredients like Black Pepper. He explained how there are different strands like marijuana or coffee. This show that it was on is called My Opinion is Fact – where they overrate or underrate certain things – black pepper, brunch, etc.

Warm day – shorts – no more jeans. Funny story about jeans and compliments from Nanas – I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

“Busy is a decision.  We decide what we want to do based what we think are the priorities in our lives” – by Debbie Millman

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