New Music Friday w/ Ayron Jones, Olivia Rodrigo/ Twenty One Pilots meaning/ Remembering Chris Cornell

morning babble / Friday 05-21-21

I jiu-jistu’d! Got to write in my jiu-jitsu journal, too.

This past week on Tuesday (5/18) – 4 years ago – we lost Chris Cornell

Also, this past week on Wednesday (5/19) – 35 years ago – the So album by Peter Gabriel – that’s the one with Big Time, Sledgehammer, In Your Eyes. I always liked Red Rain. Although Sledgehammer made me laugh because it’s about having extra hard fun in the bedroom. Any real Gabriel fan knows that his “Melt” album is the best. That’s the one with half of his face melting. “I Don’t Remember” and “Family Snapshot” and “Intruder”.

Randomly saw that Megalithic Symphony by awolnation – 10 year anniversary. Wow. That’s the one with the hit song “Sail”. “Knights of Shame” is the best song.

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New Music Friday:

  • Today’s the day – the Ayron Jones debut album called Child Of The State comes out and we’re getting 12 songs on it. Already saved in Spotify, but I want to get vinyl of that one.
  • Another whole album that I saved today to my Spotify account was Scaled and Icy. It’s the new album from Twenty One Pilots. People ask where they got their name from and nobody ever really knew. I always remained silent too because . . . I didn’t know. So, I looked it up. There is a play titled “All My Sons” by Arthur Miller with the story set taking place during WWII. While in college, Tyler Joseph (half of Twenty One Pilots) studied this play and there’s a scene when a character reveals that because he didn’t do a job correctly, plane parts were manufactured incorrectly and caused the death of 21 American pilots. To Tyler (Twenty One Pilots dude), the name is a reminder to focus and that if he doesn’t work hard, others may face the consequences, as well as himself.
  • Remember “it’s time for the percolator” – well, City Girls have come out with the “Twerkulator” AND – I’m in shock: there’s no video for the song. They have to be working on that, otherwise, I would have provided a link here.
  • Olivia Rodrigo released her debut album, Sour / She’s a former Disney Channel star and we know how they are – they’re like Preacher Kids . , . angels. Anyway – I thought her voice reminded me of Grace Vanderwaal, but the music is a little more rockin’.
  • Gwen Stefani’s Country Boy, Blake Shelton, just released a new album today and it’s called Body Language. What does it sound like? I’m not sure. But if Gwen Stefani comes out with an album titled the same – I will most definitely give it a listen.

“People have the strength to overcome their bodies. Their beauty is in their minds.” – by Peter Gabriel

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