Memorial Day Monday / Shaking hands? Or playing it like Doc? / Grant quote

morning babble / Monday 05-31-21

Who’s going swimming today? Not me. I turned on the heat today. Briefly. But – it was on. This morning, our house was in the 50s and that’s not good with the kids waking up. So, I pushed it on just for a weeee bit and hopefully it’s the last time until the fall. So, it’s chilly, but otherwise, we got a Monday where we can all relax and enjoy one another’s company, but also a day to reflect and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country – Happy Memorial Day Monday!

Gonna see a lot of people. Shaking hands? I kind of liked that we didn’t do it. Back in the day, shaking hands was the preamble to “I’m not going to kill you.” Gotta watch the video for the movie clip!

Plus, you really don’t know where their hands have been. During the week, I’m armpit deep in cleaning fish tanks and people want to shake my wet hand – gross. Then, there’s the aggressive shaker, the weak & limp shaker, and, of course, there’s the one where you’ll shake but are pulled in for the surprise hug. Whoa, whoa, whoa, too close before Covid and most definitely too close now.

151 Vlogs and 151st run is coming up after this. I’ll then have 5 months done!

“I know how much there is dependent on me and will prove myself equal to the task. I believe determination can do a great deal to sustain one and I have that quality certainly to it fullest extent.” – by Ulysses S. Grant via Chernow’s Grant (page 463)

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