Revisiting record store day / Family outing to Long Play Cafe / Comics on a Sunday!

morning babble / Sunday 06-13-21

It was record store day, so the family and I headed out in the late afternoon. FYI – I did do my 163rd run. #164 is coming up outside after this 164th morning babble!

Anyway – family outing – and the question “to wear a mask or not” comes up before entering everywhere. Does every one get that feeling of “naked face”? It’s weird being out without a mask – are we allowed, aren’t we allowed . . . because my wife and I are vaccinated. And then, you see some individuals and you’re like – I don’t think they’ve ever had a mask on in the past year or so. That’s when I put mine back on again – vaccine or not. I’m playing it safe.

Back to Record Store Day – I didn’t get any specials but I did pick up 3 favorite artists of mine from Long Play Cafe in Newark. I did asked for some Elbow, but unfortunately, they didn’t have any. It currently resides in my Amazon cart, but I don’t want to go there. I like helping out the local businesses.

Speaking of which, Captain Blue Hen Comics is around the corner from Long Play Cafe and that sent me in the direction of catching up on some of my comic book reading when I got back home . . . while listening to my new vinyl!

Books . . . er . . . comics?

  • Finished the 5 issue series of American Ronin from Peter Milligan / Bring on the next volume because the first round was great!
  • I then grabbed my comic: Goldfish by Brian Michael Bendis and promptly dug into that one. He also wrote Jessica Jones: Alias as well as Scarlet.
  • I’m still reading my marking book from Seth Godin / Dave Chang’s memoir and / the leadership book which follows four former Presidents and how they led. Click here for those specific book and links.
  • I’m already peaking ahead to what’s next . . . maybe I’ll show those next week.

“I tend to forget what I’m doing will ever be read while I’m writing it, and just get on with the task at hand.” – by Garth Ennis

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