1 song on repeat: Box Car Racer?/ “After X, I will Y” Greg McKeown/ Quote via Tim Ferriss via Naval

morning babble / Wednesday 06-16-21

It’s amazing how loose my hat is the day after I shave my head. There’s not much up there, but it makes a difference with keeping the hat snug. Also, clipped my nails – both fingers and toes. Getting ready for my Jiu-Jitsu roll tomorrow afternoon.

Ryan Holiday – The Daily Stoic Podcast / He had a runner on (Dean Karnazes) and they were talking about what they listen to during a run. Holiday says that he listens to just one song over and over again on repeat. Similar process that he does with writing. It got me thinking about which song would I listen to on repeat. I think I have one from Box Car Racer.

On the Tim Ferriss Podcast was Greg McKeown who wrote Essentialism. FYI – he has a new book out now too – it’s Effortless. They were discussing what he had learned from BJ Fogg.   “After I complain, I will say something I’m thankful for.”  After X, I will Y. The reason to do this – You can have so many good things happening, but you focus on some thing that isn’t going right. This helps you remember all the good that’s happening!

“If you wouldn’t work with them for a lifetime, then don’t work with them for 5 minutes.” – via Tim Ferriss paraphrasing Naval

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