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morning babble / Monday 06-28-21

Back at it on a Monday, I ran! Imagine that. 179 runs / 179 vlogs

On Wednesday – 6 months will be done but it won’t be half way yet – that’s Friday with 183 days. Back to Wednesday though, I’ll pass along what I thought were my 5 Best Tips Given this Year . . . so far. My List.

Who’s the next one to be added to the Morning Babble Top 5 G.O.A.T. list. We already have David Chang / Ryan Holiday / Tim Ferriss – so, 2 slots remain. Will it be David Goggins? Maybe a throwback to Ben Franklin? Another author – Seth Godin? Or even, Han Solo?

I wrote last night! “Banging the Door” has been ended and a better ending was added / I like sleeping on it which I did. Today, I’ll do more of a read through. I like reading them aloud to myself and walking around or being outside on my deck or front porch. Then, I’ll run it by my wife and Cecil one last time. In the meantime, I do have two other shorts that you can read. It’s listed under “Droplet of Life”.

Read a story from the Daily Stoic from this past Saturday (6/26) – don’t let the little things get to you! Watch that video below.

Furious/curious – They rhyme, but they have opposite meanings. It’s very difficult to feel both emotions at the same time, and one is far more productive than the other. – via the daily email from Seth Godin. Click here to sign up.

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