Happy Anniversary, Lauren – you still there? / 6 months of running! / Top 5 Tips – so far

morning babble / Wednesday 06-30-21

Anniversary Day! Happy Anniversary, Lauren! 14 years – I just checked too, she’s still here.

The Short – my wife read it and I got the edits. Need to put those in. I have to catch up with Cecil now too – who’s also read it, again. Posting later today. “Banging the Door!”

Like I said, we have a wonderfully romantic evening planned at a swim meet. We’ll be watching the Medley Relay, 50 Fly, and the ever popular at the very end of the meet, Free Relay. AND – we were notified last night that this pool (it’s an “away” meet) has zero shade. So, if you have a tent, bring it! What? I want to meet the whiz bang of a designer that came up with this genius idea. A pool with no shade? Not everybody goes into the pool at once, you know! I’m sorry, that’s being negative. But please know that it’s suppose to feel like 104 today along with our humidity. Happy Melting!

31 Days of Cold Showers – begins tomorrow. I typically shower at night, so there won’t be too many times that I do this vlog without a shower yet for the day.

I ran! 6 months done – 181 days! Friday is the official halfway point though. Remember – 366 days is the goal.

5 Best Tips Given this Year, so far (my list)

  1. Journal!
  2. Untie those running shoes the night before and put within each shoe the sock to be worn
  3. Peanut Butter on top of your jelly donut
  4. Flossing in the shower
  5. How to say Worcestershire Sauce and Charcuterie Board!

“In every good marriage, it helps sometimes to be a little deaf” – by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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