Vinyl love for Beck’s Guero / Mouth-tape revisited / Beck Hansen quote (lyric)

morning babble / Saturday 07-24-21

I’m aching some. I did those pull-ups on Thursday. Skipped them yesterday. While running today, my sides hurt. Pausing those until after Monday, which is when I have a huge fish aquarium move to do. I can’t be hurting for that. It’s a huge tank. So, basically I’m wishing it was already Tuesday. Sorry – let’s get off that topic.

I ran on the mill – #205. 5k run every day keeps going!

Also, I cold-showered last night. It’s the cleanest month ever! Come on . . . you don’t shower every day, right? I mean, it was Friday, I didn’t really do anything to truly deserve soapy freshness; the bed sheets were being changed today, so who cares? Off to bed! Nope – I still cold-showered. ONE MORE WEEK!

AMA Saturday:

  • Question #1 – Glitter still everywhere? Yes. Even during today’s 5k run on the treadmill, I looked down and saw glitter. It’s worse than tinsel. This house is marked.
  • Question #2 – Did you purchase any records last Saturday during Record Store Day? No, but I have been listening to Beck’s record Guero an awful lot. So many good songs. Track 2 in particular is my favorite “Que Onda Guero” – click here for a direct link to the song on Spotify. With shouts of Michael Bolton, the new Yanni cassette, your popsicle’s melting – it’s a great sounding song with all kinds of fun throughout it. As for what “guero” means, well – it used to be a slur, but apparently isn’t anymore. From what I can see, it means “What’s up, White Boy!”
  • Question #3 – Are you ever going to tape your mouth at night? Yes, but in the Fall.

“Get crazy with the Cheez Whiz” – by Beck Hansen (via his song “Loser”)

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