Reboot Time: Munsters with Rob Zombie and Home Alone / New Music Friday with Pink Laundry / Sean Paul / Mimi Webb

morning babble / Friday 10-22-21

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#295 of the 5K runs

Who lives at 1313 Mockingbird Lane? The Munsters, of course. Mr. Rob Zombie is putting together a reboot of the famous television family. Won’t be out this year. But – it’s coming. Here’s a link for pictures.

The reboot that is occurring this year is Home Alone coming to Disney Plus on November 12th. According to a post from Macaulay Culkin – he’s not in it. But Kevin McCallister’s big brother – Buzz is back. Here’s a link to the trailer.

New Music Friday:

  • I have a Morning Babble Wake-up Playlist on Spotify – I’ll provide a link. But I added this song to it today – “Gucci” by Pink Laundry. I’ve talked about them before . . . or just him? This is Judah Akers from the band – Judah & The Lion, whose last album was Pep Talks back in 2019. Pink Laundry has several singles out. I’m not sure on a full album. BUT – I totally dug this new song. Again, it’s called “Gucci”.
  • One of my all time favorites – Mr. Jack White is back with his first new solo track in nearly four years, “Taking Me Back.” White has released a song he contributed to the video game Call of Duty: Vanguard. White produced the single at Third Man Studios in Nashville. He also did a stripped-down version called “Taking Me Back (Gently).” No word on an entire album, but I’m sure hoping!
  • To date, Sia only has one Hot 100 chart-topper as a performer – 2016’s Sean Paul-assisted ‘Cheap Thrills.’ Five years later, the duo switch positions (putting Paul at the helm) with hopes of repeating the feat via the explosive new single, ‘Dynamite.’ This will be off of Sean Paul’s upcoming album – Scorcher. Due out this year. And yes – 2nd album release of the year as the album Live and Livin came out earlier this year. Busy Dude.
  • Alright – I’m not familiar with this one – Mimi Webb. I really liked her voice on the single that I heard today “Halfway.” After reading up on her – she’s not really “new” – they were more than ready for this album drop. Seven Shades of Heartbreak – EP with 7 songs. I’m excited to hear the rest of it.
  • HOLIDAY MUSIC – Brett Eldredge has another Christmas album. This one follows his first holiday album, Glow, originally released in 2016 and then re-released as a deluxe album in 2018 with five additional tracks. Today though, we get Mr. Christmas including one of my favorites “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. Nobody does it like Andy Williams though. You also get Rudolph, Jingles Bells – total of 11 songs. By the way, he was at The Met in Philly last night.

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“Failure comes when we don’t get back up and try again.” – by Jack White

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