Another day with no cup of Joe / Procrastination can work with Jay Acunzo / Jordan Belfort quote

morning babble / Wednesday 11-03-21

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes it gets tidied up, but sometimes . . . not so much. When all else fails – go watch the video!

Day #2 of No Java is in the books – Muddy November continues. I totally forgot to ask my daughter to mark it this time until it was too late. I was offered coffee from another client yesterday and politely said no. He did appear slightly befuddled since I had NEVER done that before EVER. I didn’t explain it either – always a little awkward especially when it’s someone who I don’t even knows about the Babbles or the 5K runs. It could turn into a long conversation and then my work doesn’t get done.

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I ran – #307 of the 5K runs

Quote of the Day yesterday was from Jay Acunzo. Click here to sign up for his newsletter. In a recent newsletter, he explains how he puts off things to the last minute – like his newsletter. By the way, I don’t have a newsletter yet, but you can get on my email list and I can keep you posted on when that unfolds. Visit my website.

Anyway – Jay Acunzo calls it… “imposterfectionism. It’s one part imposter syndrome, one part perfectionism. I NEED to feel my latest project is perfect or else I’ll be exposed as a fraud. Whatever the case, I know: I’m up against the clock. And that’s why I do this. Being up against the clock is the best way I’ve found to walk out on the wire. Without the safety gear, too. I don’t have time for it all. I don’t have the ability to concern myself with whether or not this entry is what I should be doing or not. It’s what I FEEL like doing. It’s what I CAN do. It’s ALL I can do, given the deadline looming.”

Some people would call it procrastination, but I’m with him. When you final have that deadline time, it’s amazing how you can focus down and get to the end time goal.

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“If it doesn’t bring you income, inspiration, or orgasms, it doesn’t belong in your life.” – by Jordan Belfort – “Wolf of Wall Street” / Also, I got that one off of my friend Vanessa’s Instagram post.

Happy Hump Day everyone! See you tomorrow on Friday Eve!!

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