Viva gets her shot / New Music Friday: Travis Scott/ The Arkells/ Limp Bizkit/ Quote from Sandi Thom

morning babble / Friday 11-05-21

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes it gets tidied up, but sometimes . . . not so much. When all else fails – go watch the video!

Colder mornings and the kids are sleeping in more. Crazy. All hunkered down. We’ve got the heat on – it’s just colder. Mom’s gotta wake them up for school. I don’t see them in the morning. Again – crazy.

Daughter Violet aka Viva is getting her shot today / Aaron Rodgers should have too – he then could be playing this weekend.

Muddy November! 4th day in a row that I was offered coffee on location 1 dumped / 3 passed. No coffee . . . Go get some MUD/WTR –

New Music Friday:

  • U2 released a new song called “Your Song Saved My Life.” It appears on the soundtrack to the upcoming animated film Sing 2, which Bono stars in. That movie hits theaters on 12/22.
  • Charli XCX will have a new album out next year called Crash – available in its entirety on March 18th. We already got to hear “Good Ones” which I talked about before and you can check out the video again – Lots of dancing . . . at a funeral . . . on a coffin. We all handled loss in different ways. Today though – we’ve got “Good Shapes”. No video though
  • By the way, this past Sunday (Halloween) – Limp Bizkit dropped their new album Still Sucks. I can’t deny – I am excited to listen to this entire thing
  • Travis Scott dropped two singles at midnight – “Escape Plan” and “Mafia” – two different sounding songs. Totally enjoyed the 1st release “Escape Plan”, but “Mafia” – I might like that one more now. Both are off his upcoming album Utopia – when it’s coming out – TBD
  • Holiday Music – Elle King “Please Come Home for Christmas” – I like it. Can’t find too much info on it. Even if you visit her website – as of this very moment though.
  • Holiday Music – Arkells just released new holiday original track, “The Last Christmas (We Ever Spend Apart).” The “B side track” is the band’s previously released original holiday song “Pub Crawl,”
  • Holiday Music – Steve Perry – the former Journey front man and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer – has a holiday album called The Season. It contains eight tracks which consists of six Christmas tunes and two New Year’s Eve favorites – don’t blink because it’s over in just over 25 minutes. But – you do get “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” as well as “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

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“Your Heart Is Just A Beatbox For The Song Of Your Life ” – by Sandi Thom – singer-songwriter from Scotland.

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