Thanksgiving Eve! / McDonald’s drive-thru made us smile / Confucius quote

morning babble / Wednesday 11-24-21

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Thanksgiving Eve!

#328 happened on the mill! Hoping to get out this holiday weekend though. With the kids, too. Get us all ready for that Reindeer Run in Newark on Friday, December 3rd.

Muddy November continues on / No Coffee / One week and I can have some. I’d be more excited if I knew where I could get an Eggnog Latte.

Working again with my son today – which is awesome. We had a great day yesterday. Except for the McDonald’s – well, initially it sounded and was good, but then my body was “what did you do?” What was really nice about the McDonald’s trip was the drive-thru woman who took our money. She was amazing. Just starting talking it up and explaining why she was so excited about Thanksgiving. Asked about ours. My son and I pulled away with smiles on our faces because of her.

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“A sick man only wants one thing, a healthy man wants 10,000 things.” – by Confucius

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