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morning babble / Sunday 11-28-21

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes it gets tidied up, but sometimes . . . not so much. When all else fails – go watch the video!

First things first – Happy first day of Hannukah to all of those celebrating and / Happy Birthday to my younger sister, Meghan.

Next – Mouth tape. Well, I started the night with it. Reviewing the results of my watch – it appears that I wasn’t sleeping too well in the beginning, but then around 3:30am, I had a quick deep sleep action. But then, I did wake up around 4:15am and realized that the mouth tape was off – not sure how that happened, but assuming that it happened shortly before 3:30am. I then turned off my alarm and crashed until about 6:30am with much better sleep. So – I’ll have to keep trying.

Also – Muddy November continues, BUT – I do have to admit to something. My wife and I had Ben & Jerry’s last night. We always split a pint. She puts my half in a bowl, because I like additional hot fudge, because if we’re going down the ice cream route – I’m all in. She doesn’t typically do the fudge, but eats her half out of the pint. We started up a show of Ugly Delicious on Netflix to enjoy our late night together. I was several bites in when it hit me and I grabbed her arm to slowly read the pint of ice cream in her hand – Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch – a favorite of ours, but I still explained “What are doing to me woman?” Okay – maybe not exactly like that, but I was caught off guard. I still haven’t had coffee, espressos, or lattes with shots of espresso, but as for the Coffee Ice Cream – well, I finished my bowl, because at that point – I was all in again. I still believe that I’m okay with saying Muddy November continues on – No coffee is the goal and the liquid joy has not crossed these lips all month. Wednesday – game over.

I haven’t run yet. #331 happened on the mill as Michigan beat Ohio State. #332 will happen on the mill as well.

Books on a Sunday!

  • Like I said holiday decorating of the house slowed my reading time down to finish this book off – Leadership in Turbulent Times by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Next week – it will be recapped. As for today . . .

COMICS on a Sunday! Visited my home for comics – Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, DE – always support your local comic book store. AND – if you don’t have one, you could always visit mine online! Click here for that.

  • #7 of 8 of Marjorie Finnegan was picked up and already gobbled up. 1 issue to go and that series ends . . . or does it? Garth Ennis is the mastermind behind this one.
  • Speaking of Garth, I got issue #6 of 6 for his Batman Reptilian series. I’m actually a couple behind, but chose to go back to #1 and read straight through. I’ll have that done by the end of today.
  • AND – a new series I got was Joy Operations from the mind of Brian Michael Bendis. Looking forward to that one.
  • Lastly, I did pick up some comics for both the kids. Hoping for them to have further enjoyment with reading. It doesn’t have to be all learning.

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“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, I’m possible.” – by Audrey Hepburn – got that one from the Iceman though – Wim Hof

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