Fast over/ New Music Friday: Kane Brown, Korn, Jack White & Whiskey Sour tale/ Candice Millard quote

morning babble / Friday 01-14-22

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: go watch the video!

Fridays are like Christmas with all this new music.

Let’s discuss a couple quick things:

  1. 3 Day Fast – what broke the fast? A beer – double IPA. What did I eat? Tomato soup and grill cheese sandwiches. I love dipping that sandwich into the soup. Chips. Brownie.
  2. 352 days until EXIT PLAN

New Music Friday:

  • Kane Brown has new music for 2022 – he teased it a little last year in December, but today we get the new song “Whiskey Sour.” Traditional sounding country song – a ballad. It’s nice. It grabbed my attention with “Whiskey Sour.” That’s what my Pop-pop would always order back in the day. He’d order 2. One for him and one for my Nana, but they were both for him. He would always down one and swap his empty glass with Nana’s full one. At the end of the 2nd one, he’d slide that empty one to her side as well. This would always confuse the waiter. My Pop-pop would then ask for a beer because “she doesn’t like beer and won’t steal it.” All of that last part . . . nothing to do with Kane Brown.
  • Avril Lavigne has dropped her first track of the new year – ‘Love It When You Hate Me’ -it’s a collaboration with blackbear, but it will be off of her new album Love Sux which will be released on February 25th. Also on that album, “Bite Me, Bite Me” which was last year’s released single where she was joined by Blink-182’s Travis Barker. Other artists to feature on Love Sux include fellow Blink-182 member Mark Hoppus and the recently engaged Machine Gun Kelly. Yup – engaged. To Megan Fox after less than two years of dating. As long as you hit all 4 seasons and all the holidays – that’s good.
  • Korn’s latest single, “Forgotten” is now out. This song is also the lead-off cut from the band’s new album, Requiem, due out on February 4th. Prior to Christmas 2021 in the UK, a new book that details every song Korn have ever written was released: Korn: Every Album, Every Song by British author Matt Karpe. We can get it in the US on January 28th. The book is a deep-dive into the lyrics, song compositions and stories behind each and every track ever written by Korn – we’re talking B-sides, standalone singles, unreleased material, and songs that were only ever previously featured on film and gaming soundtracks. For the book, click here to preorder on Amazon.
  • Jack White has released ‘Love Is Selfish’. This is the first single to be taken from his second album of 2022, Entering Heaven Alive – that one comes out July 22nd. His 1st album release is coming April 8th with Fear of the Dawn – I actually just preordered the vinyl to that. Special blue record as well as other shtuff. I had Visa gift card from Christmas.
  • There’s other new stuff: Donna Missal, Bright Eyes, Spoon, Lumineers, Chris Brown.

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“Compete with yourself and root for everybody else.” – by Candice Millard via the Instagram of “the morning shakeout” a podcast from Mario Fraioli

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