Sounds like sizzling bacon in a thunderstorm / New Music Friday: Weezer, Norah Jones / Dolly Parton quote

morning babble / Friday 03-18-22

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Meatless March (even bacon) – MORE THAN HALFWAY – In fact, 2 weeks away from the possibility of eating meat. I typically fall asleep at night to a thundering rainstorm played over and over again. However, lately to me, it now sounds like sizzling bacon in a thunderstorm

289 days until EXIT PLAN

Some music news: Kanye West banned from Instagram for 24 hours for posting crazy threats and attacks towards Pete Davidson – all over Kim Kardashian. Oh – and Pete Davidson is now NOT going into space. The mission was postponed 6 days and his schedule can’t make that work.

Dolly Parton despite “bowing out” as a nominee, she is still very much eligible to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The country music star was among the artists nominated this year, alongside Eminem, A Tribe Called Quest, Duran Duran, Carly Simon and Beck.

New Music Friday:

  • Back in 2002, Norah Jones’ released her debut album Come Away With Me. Today she releases a previously unheard track from the forthcoming Come Away With Me‘s 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition: “Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most.” The Super Deluxe Edition features 22 previously unreleased tracks – sometimes known as another album. April 29th we’ll get the Super Deluxe Edition. Today – the one unreleased song.
  • Weezer announced the upcoming release dates of four new albums, titled SZNS. The projects will consist of four albums – one for each season and released on its seasons’ first day. Spring will be released on March 20, Summer is expected on June 20, Fall on Sept. 22, and Winter will be shared on Dec. 21. Today, we do get the single “A Little Bit of Love”, but on Sunday along with the arrival of Spring . . . we get their whole album. The songs on it are said to be similar to their Island in the Sun album – apparently all will be acoustic along with a mellow vibe.
  • Today, Charli XCX has released her new album CRASH. 12 songs – a little over a half hour of new tunage. This is her fifth album which already includes the hit singles “Good Ones,” “New Shapes” and “Beg For You.”
  • Jack White’s record company – Third Man Records has revealed plans to issue Prince’s previously unreleased 1986 album Camille. Over the years, all eight tracks have been officially released such as “Housequake,” “If I Was Your Girlfriend,” “Feel U Up” – but this will the first time that they will all be presented as they intended to be – on one album. Don’t have a release date on that one though.

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“If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.” – by Dolly Parton

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