Wrapping up Meaty May as well as the Push-up Challenge from Igor Voitenko / Run in those Hoka shoes!

morning babble / Tuesday 05-31-22

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

I still planning on running in this Sunday’s 12th Annual Blue Hen 5K – it’s a part of the University of Delaware’s Alumni Weekend / This Sunday, June 5th – race begins at 9:30am

215 days until EXIT PLAN

LoCarb & Meaty May Recap

* I’m sorry I got away from the daily postings of what I ate. The school shooting occurred last Tuesday and I just didn’t feel it was important to get something like that up. Instead, I couldn’t wait for my family to come home that day from school.

* The food – I enjoyed some of the changes: purchased some bone broth, pork rinds, but then to mix it up some I had snack packs of olives – both green and black.

* Overall feeling was good – not sure if that had more to do with the workouts that I was doing or not, but I certainly felt more positive about myself. I mean, for March, I gained nearly 10 lbs and felt the “puffy.”

* I was eating so much in March and just never felt “full” at times. My days in May – I would be amazed at some of the days how little I had eaten but didn’t even think of food.

* Weight +/- for the month is -14.1 lbs when compared to 5/1 weigh-in

* Now, I think one of the biggest differences between March and May is that I want to continue with this eating style. Maybe venture towards more meat.

Push-ups done for the Bring Sally Up Challenge – 18 up

3 workouts every week with Igor Voitenko’s Workout App. I’ve really been enjoying that.

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“Art is whatever you can get away with.”credited to Kevin Kelly. Just one of “103 Bits of Advice I wish I Had Known.” He wrote back in 2008 the incredible article, “1,000 True Fans”

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