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morning babble / Wednesday 08-24-22

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

We are not getting another dog – that picture wasn’t anything about that. No – today I have my son, Elliott, with me and it reminded me of the last time we worked together. The vehicle I drive for work is older and doesn’t have automatic windows. He pointed to the handle and asked in shock – “is this how you open the window?” Yup.

Quick follow up on yesterday – Tuesday. I pushed through. Got it done.

I also received the new book from Derek Sivers – How To Live – very excited about this one. Simple. Quick. But, so insightful! It seems to be a book that I wish I should have written.

130 days until EXIT PLAN

Welcome to AMA Wednesday –

“Are you going to do a race again?” – Not sure. The plantar fasciitis is still there, but manageable. I walked a mile today on the mill. I was hoping to flash this card today, but I was afraid to push. Not making excuses. Listening to my body.

“Are you still meditating or do you just like your sign?” – Ha. I like my sign. I did meditate today. I have not been meditating enough though. Trying to figure out that morning routine. Might have a rotating morning schedule for Monday through Friday. I’ve got something possibly brewing for next week – now or never.

“What’s the next challenge?” – I need to write. Maybe I get back at this?

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“To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.” – by Derek Sivers

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