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morning babble / Tuesday 10-11-22

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Tuesday and it’s here. Day 1 of my 3-Day Fast.

Yet again, I was looking forward to this one. Needed this one in many ways. Clear up the head / get rid of some of the puffiness I’m feeling / regain some self-control again.

Next Meal – 6:41PM on Thursday

82 days until EXIT PLAN

Telomeres – they are commonly referred to as the “caps on our shoelaces” for our DNA or genes. You remove the caps and the strands begin to fray away and shorten. It’s now believed that these internal time-keepers (and their length) control how quickly we age or how early we see signs of aging. Lastly, telomere loss may lead to cancer.

Fasting helps / Fasting induces autophagy and a body in autophagy is providing help to the telomeres. I can go way deep into all this stuff.

Bottomline – you don’t want messy shoelaces with your DNA and genes.

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“I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency.”by Plato

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