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morning babble / Friday 11-04-22

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

Yes – it’s Friday. It’s been warm, so talking about the winter holidays and the new holiday drinks at all the coffee shops. I wasn’t feeling the hot lattes or mochas or whatever. So, I hit up Dunkin for their New Cookie Butter Cold Brew. That’s good stuff. I have no idea how many calories drank within that large beverage but it was worth it. It was glorious.

58 days until EXIT PLAN

Oh – speaking of calories: Some of you reached out and were disappointed in me with how I was stealing my kid’s Halloween Candy. Mouthful.

New Music Friday:

Taylor Swift has announced a massive 2023 stadium tour. Begins in March – it’s everywhere.

I put together a Spotify playlist of the songs that I talked about and thought about today for New Music Friday. Click here for that!

  • “We Are All Insane” says Awolnation. Election Day is Tuesday everyone – just vote – that’s all I’m saying. This is the 2nd release of next year’s anticipated new album, which will be the 5th album from the band, but apparently the final one as well. We’ll see. Frontman Aaron Bruno on the inspiration behind “We Are All Insane,” “I wrote the song during a time when the days of the week felt especially monotonous and I was searching for ways to stay creative and productive. I think that’s a feeling most people have experienced at some point in their lives, especially over the past few years.” Again, the song is called “We Are All Insane” Click here for the video.
  • Yo La Tengo have a whole new album on the way. It’s titled This Stupid World – it’s out next year on February 10th. Couple days ago, they shared one song from the album called “Fallout,” This Stupid World is the first full-length album from the band since 2020’s We Have Amnesia Sometimes.
  • Drake and 21 Savage have released their new collaborative album called: Her Loss. 16 tracks spread out over 60 minutes. I’m not the biggest of Drake fans, but I’ll give it a listen in its entirety at some point today or this weekend. I did catch a couple and immediately jumped to the one track done with Travis Scott. Can’t say the title of that song, which sort of gives you the heads up of not listening to this album with certain little people in the car.
  • Couple months ago we got “Filthy” from Mr. Ayron Jones. Today, we get another single called “Otherside”, but just like before – No news on a whole new album drop in the future. Click here for a video clip of the song. So, that’s two new songs this year – we have to be building towards a full album in 2023. If you haven’t heard it before, check out his prior album called – Child of the State – which was just released last year.
  • To tease her upcoming release, P!nk put out a little promo video which I saw via her Twitter. Click here for the promo. Within the caption it says “Have you called for your chance to win a free sample?! Dial 1-888-262-PINK” and, as it should, the number works with 3 options. Option #1 – gets you a sneak preview at the time of her new song; Option #2 gets you a text message with a link to get more updates on the song; and my favorite was Option #3 which gives you her tip of the day: “If you’re around someone who sucks all the air out of the room, go to another room.” Yeah, P!NK! The fun-sounding bouncy song is called “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” – click here for that video

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“Anything’s a toy if you play with it” via Will Ferrell in the movie ELF

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