morning babble: Son of a Nutcracker! / New Music Friday with the Eagles Offensive Line, Oliver Tree, Ava Max, and Weezer

morning babble / Friday 12-23-22

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

I don’t think that song gets played enough around the holidays. Always makes me smile. Nat King Cole with “The Happiest Christmas Tree”

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So close to the big one / Big guy coming down that chimney

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Son of a Nutcracker (Elf clip)

New Music Friday:

I put together a Spotify playlist of the songs that I talked about and thought about today for New Music Friday. Click here for that!

  • The Philadelphia Eagles have a very good offensive line – that can sing. Well – at least 3/5 of the line – You’ve got Jason Kelce, Jordan Mailata, and Lane Johnson. They put together the album – A Philly Special Christmas. The proceeds from this record will benefit Children’s Crisis Treatment Center as well as other charities in Philadelphia. Weekly singles have been released since around Turkey Day, but today, the whole album is streaming. (play clip)
  • Oliver Tree released one album back in 2020, then retired. Then, in 2021, he immediately came out of retirement. At the beginning of this year, we officially received his 2nd full album called Cowboy Tears. But today, we get the Deluxe version of that album and it’s called: Cowboy Tears Drown the World in a Swimming Pool of Sorrow. On Thursday night, a music video for “Suitcase Full of Cash” was released. (play clip) If that outfit comes in red, I know what I’m wearing for Christmas this weekend.
  • Ava Max trying to help wrap up 2022 with a banger. If you don’t know Ava Max (play clip) that’s her. Today, we get another one to shake your booty to – it’s called “Dancing’s Done” (play clip) Little naughty – bring on 2023. In particular, January 27th – that’s when her entire album drops – called Diamonds and Dancefloors
  • Weezer – this past Wednesday on the 1st day of Winter – released their final SZNZ’s album. Couple weeks ago, we one of the songs early – “I Want A Dog” but today, we get all 7. For each of the seasons, there were 7 new songs. The one they seem to be pushing right now is the song “Dark Enough to See the Stars.” Now, being the Winter album, a couple people I’ve talked to already about it were shocked that there weren’t any holiday songs on there. Well, they did come out with a holiday album back in 2008 called Christmas with Weezer

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“May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.” by someone

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