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morning babble / Thursday 12-29-22

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!


3 days until EXIT PLAN – it’s over . . . for now.

This is what I wrote on January 2nd:

What’s the big overall goal? Countdown to Exit Plan. By the end of the year, I don’t want to have to be on the road anymore for my business. I intend to very much be a part of the company and know that I have a lot of work ahead with the ideas that I want and need to implement. But – I want to be doing more and this past year was a hard lesson learned, I hit some lows that I don’t think a lot of people really know that I hit. I missed some events for my kids that really crushed me inside. I don’t like being sent the pictures. I want to be taking the pictures. Like I said, I was unhappy and I’m out to change all that. So, I invite you all along again as I’ll tell my story, my mini milestones on the journey to Morning Babble’s Countdown to Exit Plan.

Beginning of the year – these were my “other” goals:

Some other random goals for the year:

  1. Finish writing my book! Confessions of a Workaholic
  2. More readings of my shorts – I call them each: Droplet of Life
  3. Weekly Newsletter beginning in March
  4. Guitar Lessons with my daughter
  5. Monthly 3-Day Fasts – yup, I’m doing it again
  6. Create my own Journal
  7. Put together a charity called “Hold my Doll” to help fight for gender equality
  8. Podcast?
  9. Outside weekend adventures with the family – biking, walking, whatevers. Get outside!
  10. Breathe and just keep moving it all forward. All while – “Enjoying the Now”

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“It’s better to do less than you hoped than to do nothing at all.”by James Clear

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