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morning babble / Monday 01-23-23

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Happy Monday – time to get back at it.

This past weekend, I listened to not one, but two recent podcasts that Tim Ferriss had with Todd McFarlane – creator of Spawn and Venom / Founder of Image Comics and McFarlane Toys. I was truly inspired. McFarlane talked about the guardrails that were placed on him and how he broke free – OR, basically he just ignored them. Oddly, I then sort of began feeling the shackles on my own brain starting to shake/break free. Shackles that are placed there by myself. I thoroughly enjoyed those interviews.

For the links to the podcast click here: First Interview / Second Interview


It’s Monday – talk about setting goals up and then knocking them down

Accomplishments –

I didn’t hit snooze all week BUT – I didn’t find any real benefits despite the “extra” time in my life. Instead, I feel as if I wasted time just not doing stuff. – that bummed me out. I expected myself to be doing something. Creating . . . something!

This got me thinking about Cal Newport and his Time Blocking routine. It makes sense – you block out times to do things. Set aside specific times . . . to get your shit done. Currently, with a constantly rotating kids schedule mashed into mine, it’s not that easy. Plus, if I write down 7pm, I’m going to write. What happens when one of the kids has a math problem or wants to practice their violin for me? You help with the homework and you listen to the sweet strings of music. Lindsey Stirling started somewhere too.

Now, I’m not writing off this method. Instead, I’m thinking in “timing blocks”. This past November, my goal was to write 30 minutes every night. No set time. Just the set timing block of a 30 minutes. It didn’t matter where that block was placed. Make sense?

Week ahead –

So, I don’t want to hit snooze again all week and with that extra time in the morning possibly utilize it with “timing blocks”. Over the course of the week, I want at least 5x of 30-minute writing sessions. I also want at least 3x of 30-minute video/script work sessions. And lastly, I want at least 3x of 30-minute journal creating sessions.

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“Today will not be perfect” – by Todd McFarlane

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