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morning babble / Monday 01-30-23

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

Hey Monday

The wife was away for the weekend – actually still away until Tuesday. So, for everyone concerned about me with the kids . . . send help. / Actually, we had a good weekend together. Although, I believe I did let my daughter finish the internet on Saturday- Don’t worry – it was the “safe for kids” section. But anyway – that’s done.

And yes – I try not to go down the sports road too much, but my Beloved Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs – Feb 12th!


It’s Monday – talk about setting up goals and then knocking them down

Accomplishments –

I was successful with my timing block goals. No set times on doing these blocks. Just set times on the blocks themselves. Each block for me was 30 minutes. I wanted to do 5 blocks of writing / 3 blocks of Journal work / and 3 blocks of Video work

Writing – added 2 more chapters / Part 2 has better flow / I’m feeling it. Random thoughts are popping into my head throughout the day and I’m jotting them down.

Journal – I have the initial page laid out for my Journal. Determining about what to rotate different on the page. Quote of the Day is involved with that.

Videos – one is done with the writing / Need to do the shoot / I was actually listening to music beds last night for it

Week ahead –

Doing it all over again with the index cards. I was thinking of using an App but then just went with the brightly colored green cards.

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“Doing is better than not doing, and if you do something badly, you’ll learn to do it better.” – by Twyla Tharp

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