morning babble: Music is my happy place / 3-Day Fast talk / New Music Friday with Miley, Death Cab, Mike Shinoda

morning babble / Friday 03-10-23

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

Music is my happy place. I’m just going to begin with that and hold to that throughout today and the weekend. I thrive off the happiness of others. Sometimes that hurts me. As the great Phil Collins sung at the beginning of this babble, always get both sides of the story.

Need some happy music! (clip)

Alright – soapbox GONE! I’m fasting . . . . still. I did NOT begin my typical 3-Day Fast on Monday night. I pushed it to Tuesday night, which means I’m fasting all day Friday – well, at least until 4:56pm. And then – look out. The joy of food and beverage will be felt!

I am looking forward to doing my paperwork day today with a clear mind. That always occurs for me after the 2-day mark of my fasts. I truly enjoy the laser focus that I experience on Day 3 and hope to put it to good use.

New Music Friday:

I put together a Spotify playlist of the songs that I talked about and thought about today for New Music Friday. Click here for that!

  • For the first time in 3 years, the ultra-talented Miley Cyrus has released a new album and it’s called Endless Summer Vacation. Full drop – 13 songs, nearly 45 minutes of music. Brandi Carlile on “Thousand Miles” and Sia on “Muddy Feet.” Being a Sia fan, I immediately went to that song this morning (clip) And – that’s all that I can play of that song. It’s an angry song and understandably so. It’s about someone cheating on somebody. Anyway, I’m excited for the whole album especially after that first release of “Flowers”
  • Last December, Death Cab for Cutie wanted to release an acoustic version of “Pepper” and they eventually did on February 3rd. However, when they went into the studio during that holiday filled month, they were enjoying themselves a bit much and kept going. They did an entire acoustic version of their album – Asphalt Meadows – the entire thing is out today. Here’s a taste of the album with their song “I Miss Strangers.” (clip)
  • The Scream franchise is still alive in case you didn’t know. Scream VI is in theatres now. I really wasn’t too aware of this mainly because horror movies terrify me. Try to make me watch a scary film – You win! Whatever you want. I need to be held. ANYWAY – there’s a soundtrack that came along with this new flick and I saw a name that grabbed my attention: Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda along with Kailee Morgue (clip) I really hope Shinoda keeps giving us more new music. Love that guy.
  • Other new music – Another new moon, another new song from Peter Gabriel. This one is called “Playing for Time” as he slowly builds to the release of his first full album in 21 years. (clip) // The White Stripes will reissue their 2003 album, Elephant, on March 31 for its 20th anniversary. The double-vinyl package is out April 21. Being a member of Jack White’s Third Man Records – I believe that I’ll be getting this early. (clip)

Thank you to Spotify, Rolling Stone, Apple Music, uDiscoverMusic, Pitchfork & I know there’s more.

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“No matter what yesterday was like, birds always start the new day with a song” – by Emmalyn Kelly

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