Keanu Reeves – Movie Star, Comic Book Writer, and Bass Player / YouTube Subscribers – still under a million / Newsletter Goal – it’s coming!

morning babble / Monday 07-31-23

This is the scribble that leads to the babble. Sometimes, it gets tidied up; but other times, not so much. When all else fails: watch the video!

Who’s that bass player?

That’s Dogstar and, yes, they are back. Keanu Reeves is on bass. Good for him too. He’s definitely living the life. The last album – Happy Ending – came out in 2000. But this October – the 6th day to be specific, we’ll be able to enjoy the new album: Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees

Ironically enough, this weekend, I finished up a comic book series that Mr. Keanu Reeves was behind – he was one of the writers of BOOM! Studios comic – BRZRKR.

Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, DE – always support local


Talking about setting up some goals and knocking them down – just for the week

I was going to come on and explain how my newsletter was going out tomorrow but then I read the title of my newsletter – The Weekend Babbler. Hmmmm . . . can’t send that out on a Tuesday. So, if you haven’t already . . . you’ve got time. It’s going out this weekend for sure! AND- another favor – subscribe on YouTube, please. My daughter asked if I’m going to get an award yet for YouTube and I said that . . . no, you need a lot of subscribers for that. She then so you have like under a million? And that is so true – I most definitely have under a million.

Please subscribe on YouTube and spread the Babble wherever you can – Thank you!

“The best way to change is to make mistakes. You can learn from your mistakes and then keep moving on.” – by Keanu Reeves

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