William & Merry broke my fast /New Music Friday with Speedy Ortiz, Maneskin / Running w/ Pete Wentz

morning babble / Friday 09-01-23

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(Fall Out Boy clip)

I’ve been trying out the Peloton app for their workouts. I don’t have a Peloton – yet. So, a recent class released was for an outdoor run with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. I can sorta say that we went for a run together

(Fall Out Boy clip)

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Andy Speer / Peloton – My bud, Cecil, got me a trial run with their classes and I am enjoying them – think I’ve done like 9 of ’em this week.

I broke my 3-Day Fast in style this time. My wife had a work event that we went to and the fast actually could have been broken there, but . . . we decided to take advantage of being out for the evening and visited The House of William and Merry (clips). We didn’t have a reservation and I don’t suggest that at all – get a reservation! We were simply hoping for a spot at their bar. The bar was full. BUT – they did have a cancellation and we got seated . . . .right away. It was phenomenal. Love that place. The fast actually broke with a House Manhattan, but food wise we did have a cheeseboard for an appetizer. Dinner though – amazing – Grilled Prime Beef Deckle Steak (picture) My senses were all locked in after that 3-Day Fast and I thoroughly tasted every bite. By far, my most favorite fast break of all time.

New Music Friday:

I put together a Spotify playlist of the songs that I talked about and thought about today for New Music Friday. Click here for that!

  • Lil Wayne has a new song out and apparently; he will be performing it live this month at the MTV VMAs in New York City. Mr. Chris Rock is the host for that (Jiggy with it). Now, this new song from Lil Wayne – it’s naughty one, so I can only a play a bit, but I think you’ll get the idea. Plus, it’s fun to be a little naughty at times, right? (song clip) This was “Kat Food”
  • Another band performing at the MTV VMAs later this month is Måneskin (Mawn-Ah-Skin). They are about to go out on their world tour for the album: RUSH! But now, we get some new stuff as well – here’s “Honey (are u coming?)” (clip)
  • The Kills have announced their new album: God Games will drop next month (I can say that now) October 27th. We’ve already enjoyed recent singles “New York” and “LA Hex”. After Today, we have a threesome of those songs from God Games – this is “103” (song clip)
  • One of my favorite weekly reads is the one from Dan Deluca from the Philly Inquirer. Every Friday, he writes about new music but in particular, local new music. Via this week’s article, I learned that Philly Band – Speedy Ortiz are going to play in their hometown on September 5th at Jonny Brenda’s AND they have a full album drop today – it’s called Rabbit Rabbit – several tracks have already been released, but today we can officially enjoy all 13 tracks. I’m playing a clip from one that was released recently, this one is also the last track on the album – here’s “Ghostwriter” (clip)
  • Several quick hits of new music: We got two full moons in August, so this past week since we got the blue supermoon action in the night sky, Peter Gabriel released another song for his I/O album called “Love Can Heal” // One week away and we’ll get Val Astaire’s new album – Everything Good Must Happen Somewhere Else // Another VMA performer this month, Doja Cat – her new album drops in a couple weeks (9/22). A little album cover controversy going on, but I think more importantly, we get to hear another song from the album called “Demons” (clip)

Little scary – Halloween is now next month now. That is your New Music Friday.

Thank you to Spotify, Rolling Stone, Apple Music, uDiscoverMusic, Pigeons & Planes, Pitchfork, Dan Deluca of the Philly Inquirer & I know there’s more.

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“Just because today is a terrible day doesn’t mean tomorrow might not be the best day of your entire life. You just have to wake up and get there. – by Pete Wentz

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