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morning babble / Friday 10-13-23

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Sleigh Bells – “Tell ‘Em” cut

“Attaboy, Phillies. Winning during the regular season doesn’t mean squat when you keep doing it in the post season”

Sleigh Bells – “Tell “Em” cut again

Sorry – I was told to stick to my new music shtick – probably a Braves fan. There is new Christmas music that’s out

Mark Tremonti “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” cut

Morning Babble Intro

It’s a “Friday the 13th” Weekend in October and I’m talking about Christmas. It is new music though. We just heard a clip of the first release off of a Christmas album from Mark Tremonti – one of the founding members of both Creed and Alter Bridge (cut) That’s actually Myles Kennedy on vocals in that video / Mark Tremonti was on guitar. I don’t want to get emails that I misled you. Two weeks – October 27th – we get “Christmas Classics New & Old” – Tremonti partnered up with an orchestra for work on the holiday album. By the way, he has an album called “Tremonti Sings Sinatra” – it’s really good. (clip)

Quick bit of Music New: Taylor Swift – heard of her? She’s everywhere. I don’t know why KC fans would complain – they haven’t lost a game yet with her in the crowd – she’s their lucky charm (clip) Out all weekend, you have a shot at a unique experience with the premiere of the concert film “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.” I am NOT going. My wife and daughter are though. But, if my wife still isn’t feeling well, I could take one for the team (clip).

New Music Friday:

I put together a Spotify playlist of the songs that I talked about and thought about today for New Music Friday. Click here for that!

  • More new blink-182 is out yet again – full album is still set for next Friday the 20th. This is the first new album with the classic lineup of Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker in over 10 years (clip of Rock Show). Funny to say “classic.” Anway – We have already received and enjoyed: “EDGING,” “MORE THAN YOU KNOW,” “DANCE WITH ME,” the title track “One More Time.” And now – “Fell in Love” a love song (clip) sort of a love song – they’re close (clip) By the way, before next Friday, we’ll get another new song on the 18th called “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got.” Dramatic Pause – sorry, I don’t have that clip quite yet (shocking)
  • Another band to keep releasing new songs from their upcoming album is the Black Pumas. Out now – “Angel,” which is the third song and video off their upcoming new album: Chronicles of a Diamond. By the way – “Angel” isn’t really a new song. Nearly a year ago, they released a live version of this song on their YouTube channel and it’s been an ongoing part of their concert sets for a while now – so true fans and concert goers won’t be too surprised. We’ll still take it though – here’s “Angel.” (clip)
  • Several quick hits of new music: Bad Bunny has dropped a new album: Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana which in English means “Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow” Song being pushed today on Spotify is “MONACO” // Megan Thee Stallion has released the new song “Out Alpha the Alpha.” It appears on the soundtrack of the new film Dicks: The Musical // Offset has shared his long-awaited sophomore solo album Set It Off – Guest appearances include Future, Travis Scott, Cardi B and more. // Missed this song back on 9/6 “The Place That Makes Me Happy” by the Moss. I’m going to have to dig a little deeper on this band. (clip)

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“I don’t think any time is too old, as long as you’re adapting to your age. – by Mark Tremonti

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Here’s the article that I “borrowed” this quote from – great read!

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