Pearl Jam’s 2nd album turns 30 / New Music Friday: Blink-182, Sam Roberts Band, Caroline Polachek, Vedder Quote

morning babble / Friday 10-20-23

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Animal cut

This past week marks 30 years of Pearl Jam’s second studio album, Vs. There are many incredible songs on that record. I believe “Animal” is one of my favs.

Animal cut

Morning Babble intro

Happy Weekend – Today’s Babble almost didn’t occur. My work life interfering with my “fun” life. I think the only other time I was this late was when I was in Paris. That’s a good excuse. Can’t use that one too much. (clip)

To celebrate the anniversary of Vs, Ten Club is releasing a 30-anniversary edition double-LP on custom “Dreamsicle” color variant vinyl and cassette, as well as on black vinyl at participating stores. That’s via a social media post of the band.

On October 19th, 1993, between classes at the University of Delaware, I went to Rainbow Records on Main Street in Newark, DE and purchased Vs. WHICH at that moment in time – we didn’t even know as “Vs.” (clip) Now, I bought another CD that day, which came out the prior month on September 21, 1993. In Utero

Vs. October 19, 1993

In Utero September 21, 1993

New Music Friday:

I put together a Spotify playlist of the songs that I talked about and thought about today for New Music Friday. Click here for that!

  • If you have tolerated the Babble for awhile, then you should really know by now that I like blink-182 (like it a lot) By the way, looking for these other CDs, I found Enema of the State and the promotional single for Blink-182’s “Feeling This” (clip) Their new album – One More Time – is all out in its glory today. 17 songs, nearly 45 minutes of blink tunes. I know what I’m doing all weekend. I’ve already listened through it once entirely, this one was jumping out to me: “Blink Wave”
  • Recorded up north in Toronto, the Sam Roberts Band has come out with their 8th studio album and their first one since 2020. This one is called The Adventures of Ben Blank. Lead singer – Sam Roberts – was interviewed on the radio by Adam Ricard of indie88 (clip) All of this can be found on the station’s website (I’ll provide a link). Indie88’s David Kennedy wrote “Ben Blank is the narrator of the new album and he’s a man in a constant state of creation, simultaneously ancient and endlessly reborn.” I found the interview well worth it – I’ll provide that link as well. Bottomline though – I’m really looking forward to listening to this one straight through and hearing the story as it unfolds. “The Ballad of Ben Blank.” (clip)
  • Qveen Herby – missed this one. Don’t know why, because I followed her former band, Karmin (clip – “Brokenhearted”) Karmin was actually her “Qveen Herby” and her husband as “Karmin.” But then back to 2017, there was another social media post “Karmin Is Dead, Long Live the Qveen.” Hence, a transition occurred. She’s still with her husband. Anyway, back in August – at the very end – alright about two months ago. Qveen Herby released an album called Housewife – 7 songs. I’m still learning them but I found this one “G-Spot” (clip)
  • Several quick hits of new music: Alkaline Trio – that’s the band with Matt Skiaba on lead vocals. He uh filled in for Tom DeLonge for 2 blink albums. Amused that they released a single today called “Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs.” // Taylor Swift slammed together a 3-pack of songs and called them “The Cruelest Summer” – it’s Cruel Summer original, a remix, and a live version from her Eras tour // Unofficially, this song has been circulating for quite some time now online. But now it’s officially out as Caroline Polachek shared her long-awaited single “Dang.”

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“I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me.” – by Eddie Vedder

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