Violent Femmes turned 40? / new music friday: Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Peter Gabriel, & Jimmie’s Chicken Shack!

morning babble / Friday 12-01-23

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Violent Femmes cut

“That album is now 40 years old. I think I need a nap”

Violent Femmes cut

Morning Babble Opener

Happy December! I’m sorry, I’m still in shock over the notification of the Violet Femmes self titled album – Violet Femmes – turning 40. So, out right now, there is the “Violent Femmes (Deluxe Edition)” of this album – remastered, dozen demos, B-sides and live performances. “The collection works to capture the band’s energy, humor, and in the live recordings, their intense audience connection.” 40 years – (clip)

Anyway – again, it really is December – Despite this month officially being, still can’t bring up Christmas to some people yet. I understand that some people don’t do Christmas – all good. Personally, I’m all in on Santa – that’s the magic of the season for me. You’re putting up your tree already? – bah humbug or grinch

My buddy Cecil said that he celebrates the season

New Music Friday:

I put together a Spotify playlist of the songs that I talked about and thought about today for New Music Friday. Click here for that!

Superstars today

  • Beyoncé – she’s been busy with that Renaissance tour of hers – however, it did come to a close on October 1st. So, it’s time to do something. How about Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé which documents the world tour that she just went on. Thursday night was a premier of the film in London. Today though – we all can go see the movie and there’s a new song which appears in the credits of the film. Here’s “My House.” (clip) That’s quite an outfit – gotta get me one of those. Maybe not for me.
  • You know who was at the London Renaissance movie premiere? (clip) That’s right, Miss Taylor Swift. But that’s not the only reason why I’m talking about her. We do have a new song from her today – somewhat. This song was previously dropped back in May as a digital release via her web store, after it appeared on an exclusive CD edition sold to fans at her Eras Tour stop in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It wasn’t available on the streaming services, but today it’s here for us all to enjoy. “You’re Losing Me.” (clip)
  • Old-timer, but still a superstar to me – Peter Gabriel – All year. Every full moon. We got a new song for this new album. It’s now officially here all neatly packaged up on the streaming services. We’ve got the picture of the vinyl cover (shot) Sort of reminds me of Gabriel’s 3rd album – the one with the melted face (shot) That’s the album with songs “Biko” and “Games without Frontiers” (cut) Just like his US and UP albums, he invited a range of visual artists to contribute a piece of art to accompany the music – all 12 songs received this treatment. You can see the art workwork here that goes with track 12 on the bright side of the album – “Live and Let Live” (clip)
  • All of these superstar artrists and then – Jimmie’s Chicken Shack. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been loving these guys since 1998’s “Dropping Anchor” (clip) There were others before that – but that’s the one that sold me on the band. Today – we have the song “Seconds Slip” as I believe it’s being released on the streaming services as the full album is now out but via purchase on the bandcamp website. Click here to purchase that album. Again – here’s “Seconds Slip” (clip)
  • Several quick hits of new music: Jennifer Lopez has shared more details about This Is Me…– her first new album in a decade. Album is out February 16th and the lead single “Can’t Get Enough” drops January 10th. All of this – also known as – not today // One of my favorite artists to listen and chill out to is Mat Kearney – today he popped up on my Spotify Release Radar list for a Christmas song – “Christmas Miracle” // For their latest single, MGMT have shared the music video – the goal that they were going for was a 90s alt rock feel to it – “Bubblegum Dog” (clip)

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“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – by Friedrich Nietzsche

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