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morning babble / Friday 02-16-24

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Afroman “Because I Got High” Clip

The list is out for Record Store Day 2024 which is on April 20th aka 4/20.

Afroman “Because I Got High” Clip

Morning Babble intro

Happy Weekend – I’m all smiles today – although our household is battling some sickness. My little girl was home from school – all week. The only twisted benefit with this sick time with her – all the extra “I love you, Daddys” that I receive. (awwww sounder)

Very exciting things are happening with the release of the Record Store Day list for 2024.

This year’s Record Store Day Ambassadors also won Best Rock Album at this year’s Grammys. (clip) That’s “This Is Why” off the album This Is Why – the band is called Paramore and being the Ambassadors of Record Store Day – of course, they’re on the list of 4/20 releases. They’ll be offering the first physical issue of the remixed album of This Is Why which features 11 remixes of songs from the Grammy award winning album – it’ll be available on its own or in a bundle with the OG of This Is Why.

(Pearl Jam – Spin the Black Circle) Pearl Jam – they have a new album out on 4/19 (Taylor Swift clip) and yes, that’s the same day the new Taylor Swift album is out. BUT for record store day, they are releasing an exclusive yellow & black ghostly LP for their new album – Dark Matter. (“Dark Matter” clip)

Staying with the grunge scene which sort of began back in 1980 with the band- Malfunkshun – they had a guy by the name of Andrew Wood who then went on to be in a band called Green River – which included two Pearl Jam members. Andrew Wood was eventually upfront for the band Mother Love Bone (Stargazer). Unfortunately, there was an overdose and that’s how Temple of the Dog album was put together and created for Andrew “Dog” Wood (“Say Hello 2 Heaven” clip)

Did you follow all of that? So, being released on Record Store Day is Olympus Awaits which is a definitive compilation of all Malfunkshun recordings.

(clip) “Bleed It Out” – I’ve run to that song – really, really hard. The band is Linkin Park who is NOT having a release on Record Store Day. BUT – that dude singing was Chester Bennington who could really wail. Back in 2005, he headed and formed the band Dead by Sunrise. For Record Store Day, made available is the first-ever North American vinyl pressing – on Black Ice vinyl – of the album: Out of Ashes, (clip)

So, I want Paramore, Pearl Jam, Malfunkshun, and Dead by Sunrise for this year’s Record Store Day. FYI – I always hit up my local shop at Rainbow Records in Newark, DE

I’ll provide a link to the entire list as well. Click here for that! (Weezer clip)

One final note. Back to Taylor Swift who was the first-ever Global Ambassador for Record Store Day back in 2022 and does have an album coming out on April 19th . . . nothing is on the release list – yet? During an Eras Tour stop in Australia, she did announce that she’ll be releasing a deluxe version of her upcoming album, The Tortured Poets Department, with a previously unannounced song, “The Bolter,” and new cover art.

Wait – isn’t this New Music Friday Day? (clip)

New Music Friday:

I put together a Spotify playlist of the songs that I talked about and thought about today for New Music Friday. Click here for that!

  • Several quick hits of new music:  From her forthcoming sequel to Renaissance titled Act II, Beyoncé goes pop-country on the lead single “Texas Hold ‘Em”
  • Pearl Jam have announced a world tour and a new album. Dark Matter, the band’s 12th full-length studio album, arrives on April 19. The song by the same title is out already
  • A favorite of mine that I warned you about Vampire Weekend has two new songs out: “Capricorn” and “Gen-X Cops”. Speaking of this fabulous band, I did just receive: Frog on the Bass Drum Vol. 2. What about Vol. 1 – well, I’m glad you asked. They sold out before I could get them. I hit up Trying to get Frog on the bass drum Vol. 01 – visited ebay and the Discogs website – that vinyl goes for over $200 now. I’ll provide a link in case anyone would donate to the program.

  • Val Astaire came out with an album last year and it’s a good one – Everything Good Must Happen Somewhere Else. There was a little 2 minute love song on that album called “Love A Little”. So, this past week an extended version was put out for this past Valentine’s Day. Awww. Heart. Actually – that’s more like a butt. (clip)
  • Totally missed this last week – Brittany Howard – The second solo album from the Alabama Shakes singer-songwriter is out and called What Now. I’ve dug into it a little bit. The song “Power to Undo” sounds like Prince (clip) FYI – Back in 2015 with Alabama Shakes – Prince appeared with them on stage.

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“The smallest oceans still make big big waves.” – by Eddie Vedder

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