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morning babble / Friday 03-15-24

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(“Why Go” cut)

What happens after you go to Pearl Jam night at the Flyers game. You begin playing PJ.

(“Why Go” cut)

Morning Babble Intro

What happens for Pearl Jam night. For starters, we get a cool shirt with the Flyers mascot Gritty doing the Eddie Vedder thing with jumping over the speakers. Pearl Jam written in the back. We were there early for a show by The Ledbetters – a really good Pearl Jam tribute band who performs throughout the Philly area (cut) As for the hockey game, my Flyers lost. Wasn’t pretty. Did we leave early? The final was 6 -2 – what do you think? I still have faith though. I’m hoping for some Flyers PLAYOFF hockey. (“Alive” clip) Back to Pearl Jam – they have a new album out on April 19th aka Taylor Swift release day. What no Taylor Swift cut? (Pearl Jam) Alright, just Pearl Jam – no new new music today ever since the single was released that’s goes by the same name of the album: Dark Matter (“Dark Matter” clip) After the 4/19 release day, April 20th is Record Store Day. Last year, Pearl Jam had this live album released on vinyl. Hoping for something this year too.

(Countdown Video)

New Music Friday:

I put together a Spotify playlist of the songs that I talked about and thought about today for New Music Friday. Click here for that!

  • First up – Vampire Weekend (clip) I just love playing clips of them. Anyway – they are back with a third release off of their new album: Only God Was Above Us – all out on April 5th. We already got “Capricorn” and “Gen-X Cops.” Last week, I mentioned that they have kicked off a podcast as well called Vampire Campfire. Vampire boys have been busy. Back to the new song that also arrives with a new music video – it’s “Classical.” (clip)
  • Myles Smith – I’ve talked about him recently a couple times (clip – Sweater Weather) That’s a cover of The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather” – it’s a song that really set him off online. Growing up, Myles began by singing covers of Chris Martin, Mumford & Sons and Ed Sheeran. However, he’s a big boy now and has his own original sound out, like “Solo” (clip) That’s one of the songs off his upcoming album release on March 29th called You Promised A Lifetime. Not only have we gotten the song, “Solo”, but there’s been 3 other releases. And now – a fifth – we’re going have the whole shi-bang before we know it. Here’s the latest: “Betting On Us”. (clip)
  • 24kGoldn released what is called an album today – Growing Pains. But – it’s only 7 songs and just under 20 minutes of music. Does that count as an album? (Jeopardy sounder) Here’s the definition of an album “a collection of songs with a side A and a side B representing the two sides of a long-playing (LP) vinyl record. An EP, or Extended-play album is shorter than an LP album but longer than a two-sided single—they’ll typically feature 4-5 tracks with a playtime of 25 to 30 minutes.” So, I guess 24kGoldn has himself an album regardless. I do like the song “Good Intentions” (clip)
  • Several quick hits of new music: Dua Lipa has officially announced her new album, Radical Optimism and it arrives May 3rd // Feeling a little “off” after splitting with Offset, Cardi B appears to slowly be having more and more fun making some music – “Enough (Miami)” – can I play a cut? (clip) That’s it – go listen for yourself and enjoy – it is a fun one. // And finally, one of my favorites that I’ve been tracking – Elbow: their album Audio Vertigo comes out next Friday – the 22nd, but they gave us another single to enjoy until then called: “Good Blood Mexico City” (cut)

Thank you to Spotify, Rolling Stone, Apple Music, uDiscoverMusic, Pigeons & Planes, Pitchfork, Louder, Dan Deluca of the Philly Inquirer & I know there’s more.

Be sure to check out the playlist on Spotify and yes, as I mentioned in the beginning, it’s a playlist of songs that I’ve talked about and thought about: so, you’ll see some new music there from Ben Rector, DaBaby, Trippie Red, and Bon Jovi (clip) not that song, but another one by the Jersey Boy – it’s new stuff that I just didn’t get to for today.

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