Missed Music Monday – 03-18-24

morning babble / Monday 03-18-24

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(Missed Music Monday opener)

On Friday, the new album from Justin Timberlake dropped in its entirety – Everything I Thought It Was (Dennis Green drop) Close but that’s not what I said. Again it’s Everything I Thought It Was. I did listen to all 18 songs. An hour an 17 minutes worth of JT. That’s a lot. I do enjoy his music (“Have you naked” cut) That’s a good line from an older song (Boing) That’s from the new album, track #10 called “Sanctified.” I don’t think I’m going to get anywhere if I say “Boing. That’s what it do when I see you.” (Imagination) Someone tastes like cotton candy? That sounds fun. (to the car) So, I’m going to be here for awhile. Giving the new Justin Timberlake album another go. It just sounds different in the car. Meanwhile, I’m trapped with nowhere to go.

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