Missed Music Monday – 05-27-24

morning babble / Monday 05-27-24


This is the scribble that leads to the babble.

Sometimes, it gets tidied up; other times, not so much.

When all else fails: there’s video!

(“Are You Gonna Go My Way” clip)

I would have gone that way, but I totally missed this on Friday.

(Missed Music Monday opener)

Blue Electric Light is the twelfth studio album of Mr. Lenny Kravitz.

Back in the day, I believe the young people would have called this man the Rizzler.

“Let It Ride” Clip

and I believe he’s got plenty of Rizz leftover

“Bundle of Joy” Clip

By the way, don’t ask any kid what of this all means because they’ll probably just mew you.

Shot of Elliott

I have no idea what that was, but I do know that this album from Lenny Kravitz is beyond Mid.

Did I do that right?


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