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New Music Friday:

I put together a Spotify playlist of the songs that I talked about and thought about today for New Music Friday. Click here for that!

  • First up – we’re going local . . . at least for me – Philadelphia’s Mondo Cozmo (Angels cut) About a month ago, we got that first song – “Angels” – off of his 4th upcoming album called – It’s PRINCIPLE! For the whole album – we’ll have to wait until August 30th. For another song off the album – thankfully – he gave that to us a couple days ago (“Wild Horses” cut) That beginning part on “Wild Horses” – that’s the name of the song – I started thinking and feeling like The Black Keys, but then, I read his website bio and someone had made the comparison of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (“Beat the Devil’s Tattoo”) That’s a rabbit hole to go down in to at some point. The song there is called “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” – one of the more popular songs from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Personally, I enjoyed the entire Howl album. I’ve taken a “tangented” – I know, not a word. Let’s get back to Mondo Cozmo (more “Wild Horses”) Taken directly from his website’s bio page – “Much of the album’s lyrical matter addressed the impending death and the emotions he was going through at that time.” What death – the impending death of his dog, Cozmo. I love this guy! Back to the quote: “As he felt Cozmo’s time slipping away, he spent more time with the dog, including bringing him to the studio during the sessions.” Go preorder the album – It’s PRINCIPLE!
  • (“Make It All Right” cut) When I first heard this song . . . the hook got me, but I didn’t recognize the singer’s voice. Turns out it’s Dexter Holland of the The Offspring (“Pretty Fly” cut) Yeah, that Offspring. By the way, the band’s new song “Make It All Right” was released a week ago and should have easily been a candidate for Missed Music Monday, but I literally just heard it a couple days ago via Sirius XM’s Regan. (cut) I think there was some editing that went on there. By the way, back in 2017, lead singer Dexter graduated with a Ph.D. in molecular biology. It’s Dr. Offspring now, huh. The band’s 11th album – Supercharged – will fully drop on October 11th (“Pretty Fly” cut)
  • This past Monday, for Missed Music Monday, I did talk about Sabrina Carpenter and her songs “Please Please Please” and “Espresso” (“Espresso” cut) She had a co-writer on both of those songs by the name of Amy Allen, who back on May 1st released a song of her own called “a girl with a problem” (cut) That was the 1st taste of her upcoming self-titled new album which she announced this past week to be fully released on August 23rd. We also received track #1 of the album called “darkside” (cut)
  • Several quick hits of new music: Glass Animals come out with a new album next month on July 19th and just last week, they released the 2nd song off of this album. BUT – I have to admit – I’m still really enjoying “Creatures in Heaven” – do yourself a favor and go listen to that one again // Just last month, Judah and the Lion came out with a new album called: The Process / 19 songs / hour of music / So, what do they do? Team up with the indie-pop trio band called: Joseph and release another song called “Measure of A Man” // Another guy who just released an EP last month called The Bomb. Decided to drop off another new song for us. Can’t slow this guy down – Bryce Fox with “Shadows” (cut)

Thank you to Spotify, Rolling Stone, Apple Music, uDiscoverMusic, Pigeons & Planes, Pitchfork, Louder, Spill Magazine, Dan Deluca of the Philly Inquirer & I know there’s more.

Be sure to check out the playlist on Spotify. As I mentioned in the beginning, it’s a playlist of songs that I’ve talked about and thought about: so, you’ll see some new music there from Don Toliver teaming up with Kodak Black, Pharrell Williams, Emmaline and anything that I really messed up and missed – well, that’s why I’ll be doing Missed Music Monday on Monday. 

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