Missed Music Monday – 07-01-24

morning babble / Monday 07-01-24


This is the scribble that leads to the babble.

Sometimes, it gets tidied up; other times, not so much.

When all else fails: there’s video!

(Johnny Cash “Ring of Fire” clip)

Back in September of 2003, we lost Johnny Cash. So, another new album from him wasn’t necessarily on my radar.

(Missed Music Monday opener)

Johnny Cash has five albums posthumously (paas-choo-muhs-lee) – which is one less than Jesus Jones who are still (Right Here, Right Now)

This past Friday, The Man in the Black, via his son and producer of the album – John Carter Cash, released the album: Songwriter


That’s track #2 “Spotlight” which features guitar from The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. I’m still digging into the album – 11 tracks in all, which were each built around the original vocal and acoustic guitar of Johnny Cash. Again, the album is called: Songwriter.

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