morning babble / Wednesday 3-17-21

Scribble will be tidied up at some point. Gotta watch that video!

So, the house has a leprechaun. My daughter left out some “bait” but without a trap. Anyway, so that was a picture of the mess it left behind.

This is the only time of year that you can have this packed for your lunch and someone else will be like – “Mmm-mmm. That looks good!” Any other time – “ew – it’s green.”

Rice Krispy Treats with Lucky Charms cereal.

Lucky Charms cereal was created back in 1964. It runs 57 this Saturday.

Running Socks

The Black & Blue Sock company

“Ego is an evil thing. Confidence is important, but ego is something false. Humility is the way to build confidence, and ego is hugely dangerous in this sport, because if you’re running on ego, you aren’t running on good clean emotions, or cause and effect. You bypass it to support a false idea. It’s all garbage, the ego is garbage.” — by Frank Shamrock (former MMA fighter)

morning babble / Tuesday 3-16-21

I’ll clean up the scribble later

Give it another day and maybe we won’t be talking about this Daylight Savings Time anymore. Almost normalcy. However, I did mess up in not setting my alarm 15 minutes earlier today. I do that to help give me a little more time before a day out on the road. This is when not just the morning routine is important, but also the evening routine. The night before is when I get everything laid out correctly. Pack the night before both running clothes and work clothes. Prep the java brewing. Lunch is ready. Allows you not to think. An important part of the evening routine is checking that alarm though.

Garmin watch / Nike app

Charcuterie Board / Maiale – go get their Mexicano sausage sandwich – delicious

“Failure isn’t a necessary evil. In fact, it isn’t evil at all. It is a necessary consequence of doing something new.” – by Ed Catmull (Pixar)

morning babble / Monday 3-15-21

The run tally is now at 74. Yesterday, I did get to go outside on the trails. This morning though – back on the treadmill. It works. 74 vlogs as well. Spread the word please. Also, subscribe on YouTube if you could. I just want to make sure that I don’t lose anyone again after the recent Facebook exile. Into day number 7 of that “fun.” Quick summary – my emails are now being kicked back. So, I’m blocked. All phone numbers lead to an end message of: “We are not taking phone calls right now but what you are looking for can be answered online. Thank you.” Click. They just hang up. Zuckerberg . . . come on, man.

Grammys were last night – Quick recap:
* Record of the Year – Everything I Wanted, Billie Eilish
* Album of the Year – Folklore, Taylor Swift – This was the 3rd time she won “Album of the Year” – the only other people to do that were Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon, and Stevie Wonder.
* Best Rock Album – The New Abnormal, The Strokes
* Best Alternative Album – Fetch the Bolt Cutters, Fiona Apple
* Beyonce won a record setting 28th Grammy. Grammys are going to be called the “Beyonces” pretty soon.

Last night, dinner was a little later, so my daughter suggested a charcuterie board. My son and her then put together a plate of fruits, cheeses, meats, and crackers to enjoy. I was impressed. Speaking of impressive . . . here’s a picture of the one my wife did last weekend:

(Yes – it was very much delightful to eat and now I’m hungry again)

Website has been updated slightly! Click here for my new short – under Droplet of Life. Let me know what you think . . . or maybe not. Whatever. Just read it! Please?

“Tell your friends & family you’re happy. Choose this and then work at it!” – by someone

morning babble / Sunday 3-14-21

A couple “I’m sorrys” before starting:

  1. I just didn’t feel like talking about my battle with Facebook today. When doing the video, I felt myself becoming too angry and this is not meant for that. I want it to be fun. However, as an FYI, I am still out at Facebook – 6th day of exile
  2. Also, I sooooo should have warned you yesterday about Daylight Savings Time again.  Anymore though, everything just adjusts on its own to DST except for that one kitchen clock that takes a battery. As a kid, this was the one Sunday of the year that we had the best shot at missing church. Between the two Daylight Savings Time occurrences, this “spring” forward one is the most troublesome. Every year on the Monday after the switch, hospitals report a 24% spike in heart-attack visits around the US. You just can’t be messing with people’s sleep schedules. Our bodies may not fully recover from the time shift for weeks, but the tragic heart attack trend only lasts about a day. Here’s the article.

Like that mug in the video? Then, click here to purchase one.

Also, I haven’t run yet today – so, I’m stuck on 72. However, I’m hoping to go outside later and get my 5k on (FYI – I did). Tomorrow (Monday). . . I’ll be doing this vlog after the treadmill run and you’ll see the tally skip up to 74.


  • Last night, I posted a picture on Instagram. I was listening to my new Trick of the Tail album that I purchased last week. In addition, I was enjoying some Elijah Craig bourbon whiskey. And finally, I was reading Brzrkr – the new comic that Keanu Reeves is a part of. Issue #1. Bigger than bitcoin and NFTs, right?
  • Also, I was flipping through my Walter Isaacson book on Benjamin Franklin since I heard him on Tim Ferriss’ podcast. Isaacson has a new book out. Oh man . . . my reading wish list keeps growing. Anyway though – I truly enjoyed this one on old Ben.

“He that lives on hope . . . dies farting*” – by Ben Franklin. * changed to “fasting” later. The first edition might have been a misprint. Courtesy of Walter Isaacson’s biography of Benjamin Franklin (page 99)

morning babble / Saturday 3-13-21

Into the 5th day of exile from Facebook – more on that tomorrow. Let’s get to the other fun stuff. I ran – 72 days in a row. A little extra stretching needed this morning, but otherwise feeling good. Maybe those extra beverages last night had something to do with it.

Last night, we enjoyed Coming 2 America – Yes, the 2nd one. I thought it was great and really well done. I mean, the actors seemed to be having fun throughout it all. And at the end – it just felt like a big party and celebration. AND – I don’t think this is a spoiler, but my favorite joke from the first one was actually replayed within the 2nd one AND played out a 3rd time with everyone grown up. I’m talking about is within the first movie when the little elephant runs by and Eddie Murphy says, “Hello Babar.” In the new one, you get to see grown-up Babar. Hopefully that wasn’t too much. At least I didn’t give out the exact Prince song that was played out. Loved that! I added that to my “morning babble – wake-up” playlist. Posting that soon – maybe next Friday. Here’s the running playlist released yesterday – click here for that.

AMA Saturday:

  • What radio station do you listen to?  Terrestrial? Alt 104.5 out of Philly. Mainly have my Sirius XM with Lithium, Alt Nation, Octane, Turbo, and the Verge (Canadian’s Alt Rock).
  • Do you still do the 4 days of the 18:6 Fast? Yes. I felt like I was repeating myself too much, so I guess I got away from saying that. During the week, 4 days of the 18:6 fast – keeps the weight in check. Then, monthly – a 3 day fast which helps with allergies. This month was key being ahead of the spring time pollen release – fun!

Again, Facebook update tomorrow. Also, tomorrow on my website, I’ll be posting a new short that I wrote. Hoping that it entertains. Got some giggles from my little posse. Read the one that’s been up here.

“Plant your tree before you need the shade.” – by Seth Godin

morning babble / Friday 3-12-21

I ran. 71. Still no Facebook – day 4.

3 Day Fast ended last night at exactly 6:32pm. It was officially broken by a sip of Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. It was then followed by potstickers, chips & salsa, chips & guacamole, meatballs, these chicken ravioli like things, mac & cheese, cold cut veggies, some roast beef, ice cream cake. Whew! Rolaids at night!!

Speaking of Dogfish Head, they just came out with a Hazy-O! beer, which is a hazy IPA. I love it – delicious. However, I need to enjoy it as much as I can this month, since in April – I’m doing that “alcohol drought” for the month.

New Music Friday:

  • Reminder: Grammys are on Sunday night. Trevor Noah is the host. Tons of artists performing – 4 stages, but no Weeknd – he’s boycotting because of being snubbed. Awww. Speaking of being snubbed – I still can’t believe that Run The Jewels didn’t get nominated for something, anything. Made me listen to Run The Jewels 4 again. And then 3, and then 2. I didn’t get all the way to the first one.
  • Dinosaur Jr. announced that their new album Sweep It Into Space will be out April 23rd. BUT – they also announced a tour schedule, begins the end of July. But concerts . . . they’re coming back soon.
  • Couple songs that I was excited to see and hear: new Fratellis song “Half Drunk under a Full Moon”. Also, I heard “Seasonal Depression” by Pink Laundry. Who’s that? Let me tell. Judah and the Lion – they had a great album back in 2019. Then COVID. Lead singer, Judah Akers, has been home and creating stuff. This is him – Pink Laundry.
  • New songs from Selena Gomez, Machine Gun Kelly, Nick Jonas (“2Drunk”). I gotta keep giving them some listens before I have a better opinion.
  • Whole album drop from Grouplove – This is This

Put together a playlist on Spotify. It’s called – “morning babble – Let’s Run”

New short will be posted this weekend – the editors have approved. Will be found under Droplet of Life.

“I don’t have time = it’s not a priority” – by Naval Ravikant

morning babble / Thursday 3-11-21

Quick update on my Facebook / Instagram “Fun”. I’m still out. I’m emailing and bugging the junk out of Facebook. My family pictures are in there. As for Instagram, I just started up a new one: visit that here. Some people asked if I might have done something wrong. In Tuesday’s video, I told people to “Eat the Frog” – Mark Twain. Irate amphibian lovers everywhere. Know how to really get them mad . . . call a frog a reptile.

The run on the treadmill was tough today with this being the 3rd day of the 3 day fast. I started with an Adam Grant podcast with Malcolm Gladwell. That didn’t do it for me. I then flipped to the audiobook with David Goggins and although good, just made my Facebook and Instagram feelings seem so . . . petty. Anyway, I closed out with Korn on Spotify. Bottomline – 5k run complete – 70 in a row.

6:31pm – the 3 Day Fast Ends!!!!!

6:32pm – I inhale food . . . well, slowly.

“The marketing can become the crutch that procrastinates the work.” – by someone

morning babble / Wednesday 3-10-21

Thank you for again all the notifications – unfortunately, I was hacked on Facebook which then affected my Instagram account as well. I then got back into Facebook for like a minute after proving who I was, but then the account became disabled. And now, we wait. In the meantime, I’m still here as well as my YouTube channel.

The show must go on!

69 days in a run for the 5k and the Vlog.

Day #2 of the Fast

Pick me up today. On the treadmill, I listened to “The Dave Chang” show again. They were talking about music that they run to. One of the guys enjoys listening to slow, sad music like My Morning Jacket and Elliott Smith. I’m working on that playlist of mine – Rage, Godsmack, Run the Jewels. I’ll get it done.

“What you allow is what will continue” – by someone

morning babble / Tuesday 3-9-21

Thank you for all the notifications – I realize that my Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked. Waiting on approval for a return there. In the meantime, I’m still here as well as my YouTube channel.

5k run is done – and for those of you counting. It’s 68! For the video, I took the blocks from our countdown to Christmas. I’ll get new ones at some point, but it’s March and we still have like summer. But at that point . . . the kids will start wanting to know about Christmas. Again – in the meantime, I got these. 68 in a row.

3 Day fast is underway – easiest day . . . so, I thought.

Goat is fixed. Frog is introduced.

Mark Twain once said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Helps with managing out your time for the day.

The frog is that one thing you have on your to-do list that you have absolutely no motivation to do and that you’re most likely to procrastinate on. Eating the frog means to just do it, otherwise the frog will eat you meaning that you’ll end up procrastinating it the whole day.

“Eat A Frog” – Mark Twain

morning babble / Monday 3-8-21

I ran, but it was back on the treadmill. Mountain was fun. My legs still ache, but it was fun. Later this week – I easily see some outside runs happening. Nice weather coming!

Felt good being in my own bed again after a shower in my own shower. Isn’t that true of anywhere you go though? Okay – maybe almost anywhere. Today, I’m certainly feeling refreshed and ready for whatever again.

Ahhhh, but ready enough for the 3 Day Fast? I have to be. It’s a big month because allergy season begins to roll in. After dinner tonight, I start up my monthly 3 day fast. Hopefully, I eat a little early so the Thursday dinner can come earlier as well.

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.” – Marcus Aurelius