morning babble / Friday 4-23-21

A show on SiriusXM that I never miss is One Man Revolution with Tom Morello. He played the guitar with Prophets of Rage / Audioslave / and some band known as Rage Against the Machine. Incredible show with insight that I truly enjoy. He even has his mom sitting in with him and she is totally a cool with the music he pumps it. It’s simply great. This past week I did learn that he played on The Pretty Reckless album – Death by Rock and Roll – for the song “And So It Went.” I then saw that Matt Cameron (former drummer of Soundgarden, but current day drummer of Pearl Jam) and Kim Thayli (rhymes with smile & lead guitars for Soundgarden) played on their song, “Only Love Can Save Me Now.” FYI, the lead singer of The Pretty Reckless is Taylor Momsen, who played Cindy Lou Who in the The Grinch. She’s all grown up now. Anyway – I’ve been listening to this album some more, which was originally released earlier this year.

FYI – missed last week – Alanis Morissette has shared a new song called “I Miss the Band.” Here’s the official video. The single arrives months after the release of her 2020 LP Such Pretty Forks in the Road.

New Music Friday:

  • Weezer have shared another new song from their long-awaited Van Weezer album, which is due out May 7th. The new track, “I Need Some of That,” follows “The End of the Game,” “Hero,” and “Beginning of the End.”
  • The White Stripes and The Glitch Mob officially release “Seven Nation Army” remix – it was actually recorded back in 2011 – little late. Third Man Records will be pressing out limited edition vinyl for the song. AND – there’s an exclusive NFT collection, which includes six unique pieces of art.
  • K.Flay released the song – “Four letter words”. I was digging around looking for new album info, but didn’t find anything . . . yet.
  • Weeknd and Ariana Grande team up for a remix of “Save Your Tears”
  • Another team up of H.E.R. and Chris Brown – they did the song “Come Through”
  • Another miss from LAST WEEK – an entire album from Paul McCartney was released last Friday. This one is called III Imagined, but it has other artists covering all his songs from the initial III album. You’ve got Beck, St. Vincent, Anderson Paak, and many more artists performing the covers.

“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.” – Emory Austin

morning babble / Thursday 4-22-21

Happy Earth Day! And it’s round – you flat earthers.

I needed I pick me up today. Past couple days – people drained me of my nice. All out of nice! That’s not good when you get home. So, I switched up the coffee. I like my coffee with a dark roast which I mainly get from Bean Central Coffee – Dark Genius, Panama Red, and African Smoke. But today, I tapped a favorite flavor of mine – Highlander Grogg. It’s a vanilla, caramel taste. I think their website says hints of whiskey . . . but that doesn’t hurt my April Alcohol Drought. FYI – In the fall, I’m a Pumpkin Spice fan – sorry.

I’m so happy that it’s Friday Eve. Looking ahead, I can’t wait to listen to my new vinyl from Third Man Records, where I have a Vault subscription. Earlier this week, I received four records to listen to! It’s Jack White: Live at the Masonic Temple. Oh yeah – AND there’s a 45 of his recent SNL appearance. Good bye Brent for several hours this weekend!

Also, I’ve been peeking at my new David Chang book – Eat A Peach. I’m so tempted to start up a 4th book to read. I shouldn’t but I sooooooooooooo want to.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” – by Viktor Frankl

morning babble / Wednesday 4-21-21

You know the drill – this is the scribble for the babble. clean-up is needed on the wordage.

111 Runs / 111 Vlogs! My favorite number is 11 because of Barry Larkin – shortstop of the Cincinnati Reds. Later on, Jimmy Rollins has 11 for my beloved Phillies.

April Alcohol Drought continues

I told a story yesterday about soap and someone called me . . . not believing the story. I want to stress that it is very much true. I go into homes and you would be amazed how many of them don’t have soap in the bathroom. Anyway, this one particular home, I truly did bring out a hand soap container. It was home that I was doing a lot of work at and at the end of every visit, I wanted to clean up. It was typically my last visit and it disgusting leaving there all the time with dirty hands the whole way home. It was funny . . . one of my guys back then Larry was shocked when he finally saw soap there and announced it to me. I explained – I brought it. Just yesterday . . . I went to wash my hands in the bathroom at the end of my visit and had to go to the kitchen and use their dish soap to do the clean-up.

“General rule: the more someone tells you how hard they’re working for you, the less they are actually getting done for you.” – by Tim Ferriss

morning babble / Tuesday 4-20-21

Happy 420! Not sure what that means, then go read about it here.

In the meantime, let’s talk about soap. In particular today – hemp soap. Co-worker and friend of mine passed along soap from Dr. Bronner. I had never heard of it, but it’s quite popular and been around a long time. I had two “flavors” to try of the liquid soap. Almond was the choice between it and Citrus. Unfortunately, the wash cloth seemed to suck up the liquid which almost needed to be . . . thicker? I didn’t really enjoy how my skin felt after either. BUT – I also got a bar of soap (it was new) that was peppermint scent. This was a winner. Enjoyed the lathering and the feel afterwards. I need to check out more of the “flavors” for the bar soap. We will then have a soap off between Dr. Bronner and the recent winning soap of mine by Happy Nuts.

FYI – I go into a lot of homes and you would be amazed at how many people don’t have soap in the bathroom. I talk about it in the video.

110 days of running & vlogging!

To make the participants of 420 mouths water . . . I talk about Reese’s Puffs Cereal. I then daydream about Butterfinger PB . . . wishing there was Butterfinger Cereal!

“Don’t be the best. Be the only.” — Jerry Garcia

morning babble / Monday 4-19-21

It’s Monday and here we go again. BUT – I do like Mondays because (I’ve said it before) I get to pick up daughter from school today. The enjoyment in her face because her daddy is picking her up – I could set records! However, I need to make sure I hit the bank for a deposit prior to getting her. She enjoys me being there, telling me stories about her day, and knowing that we are going straight home because it is lunchtime. Otherwise, there’s a spiral downwards. So – bank deposit BEFORE getting the kid. The deposit made me think about paperclips and all the ones that TD Bank still has that are rightfully mine. I use the drive-thru and paper clip together the deposit form with the checks and cash. They never send the paper clip back. They used to . . . they would attach it to the deposit slip. No more. They are paper clip thieves.

109th run / 109th babble – streak continues! And yes, still no fun beverage (alcohol).

Last night, I pulled my Ray Dalio book – Principles – off the shelf and flipped to some of my tabbed pages. I saw Smorgasbord and had to read from that tabbed page today (check the video). I think I’ll put together my Top 5 most tabbed up books and go over them on a Sunday book day.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found ten thousand ways that do not work.” – by Thomas Edison (borrowed from the Ray Dalio book – Principles – p. 349)

morning babble / Sunday 4-18-21

Little slow out of the gate today. I slept in. Should feel good, but when I’m in bed for too long, I get a lower back ache. I haven’t figured that one out yet. 108th vlog, but the 108th run will be out on the trails today. Can’t wait to take in that fresh air.

Last night, I posted about playing the Black Pumas. Yesterday with my family in tow, we hit up Rainbow Records in Newark. I used a birthday gift card and picked up this wonderful deluxe album – 2 records and 7″ bonus vinyl with a couple other songs.


  • But something that I recently finished was Being Mortal by Atul Gawande – a book that I had heard during a couple podcasts of mine to go and read. So, I got it at one point last year, not knowing that I had already read one of his other books – The Checklist Manifesto. Terrific book on bringing order to what should be routines but can easily be looked over in very serious situations. Examples are given procedures with airplane take off & landings as well as hospital surgery rooms.
  • Back to Being Mortal – this book made me tear up several times. I randomly would go up to my wife and just say, “I need a hug.” Now, I’m not a fan of the sadness either, but it’s a powerful book on life and the ending of life. Or – how it could all end. The tortures of individuals with how modern day medicine attempts your survival but instead prolongs the suffering. Hospice is discussed. I’ve been familiar with hospice since I was a kid, because my dad worked with a hospice group. Unfortunately, the talk of hospice scares a lot of people because they feel as if it’s a direct road to the end, but that’s not necessarily true. It could be a happy ending. One that the certain individual wants with family around and not feeling the pain of machines keeping you alive in lonely hospital bed. Plus, with COVID and all the hospital restrictions today . . . whew . . . just read the book. I think it would benefit in helping some talks with your parents or grandparents and what they want as well as with your significant other / loved one / whatever – find out what you truly want and prepare that path. This one guy – all he wanted at the end was to be able to eat chocolate ice cream and watch football. Dumbed down life to those two simple requests. So, decisions were made that if he couldn’t do that at the very end, he didn’t want to be a part of it. Happy endings – that’s what we all want, right? Again, a powerful book and really well written.

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” – by Frederick Douglass – I took that one from a Ryan Holiday tweet

morning babble / Saturday 4-17-21

Coffee today . . . I’m low on MUD\WTR. They sent me an email apologizing for the delay and asked if there is anything that they could do to make it up for me. If that email goes to everyone, I just can’t imagine being the recipient of all of those response emails.

Son’s baseball game today, so I gotta keep things moving . . . I ran on the mill today. It was the 107th run and vlog. Yesterday’s vlog almost didn’t happen. I had so many problems with my phone. Yesterday’s phone. I was running out of space and no – I wasn’t saving all of these videos. I delete them when I’m done and hope YouTube never pulls a Facebook on me. Like Monopoly with properties, I was mortgaging apps on & off my phone for space. It was bad. I would run. Load it into my Nike app and then offload the app. Flyers not playing – offload the app for the day. Check the weather – offload. But all is well again – I got a new phone. The iPhone 12 Pro.

Also, yesterday, my wife and I enjoyed Weezer performing at Walt Disney Concert Hall. The highlight was them playing their recent album – OK Human – in its entirety with an orchestra behind them. It really was amazing and sounded so good. Plus, there was a Q & A Zoom afterwards that was even “awesomer”. We laughed so much. Weezer’s drummer – Patrick Wilson – he’s hilarious. Prior to this, I did hear whispers of 4 new albums coming in 2022 and Rivers did confirm 4 “Season” albums with 8 songs on each album. Their release will be on the 1st day of each season – way cool!

Normally, I answer questions today, but I knew I had the Weezer and Phone talk, so I’ll push the questions that I’ve got until next Saturday. Don’t forget – you can always email me at

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one things of changing himself.” – by Leo Tolstoy via a Mark Manson tweet.

morning babble / Friday 4-16-21

“Drowned In The Sun” was created by AI through a project called Lost Tapes of the 27 Club. This project has already compiled the music of Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, and The Doors, push it through a computer, and popped out a “new” song. “Drowned in the Sun” is by Nirvana . . . or created by Nirvana songs. You’ll hear Kurt’s voice. You’ll hear hints of different Nirvana albums. But – I’m not sure that I’m really a fan. Click here to listen.

Tonight, I’m going to see Weezer somewhere in my house. It’s a Virtual Show and we’ll hear their newest album, OK Human . . . which has no guitars. There’s a Q & A afterwards, I don’t know if we’ll be called on, but I have to prepare a good question. Probably not a good idea to ask “hey – where are the guitars?” BUT – they are coming out with highly anticipated album, Van Weezer on May 7th – which has now been dedicated to Eddie Van Halen. THAT’S an album that will have some guitars.

New Music Friday:

  • Vince Staples hasn’t had anything since 2018 but apparently coming out with two albums later this year. Just an FYI
  • I don’t really talk about country music too much, but I am a Phillies fan, which means I am a Tug McGraw fan, which means I see that the Tugger’s kid has a new album! Don’t worry – I know who Tim McGraw is and, yes, he has a new album out today. Back during my radio days, my sister station (WXTU) had their Philly Chili Cook-off and he was the headliner. One of his requests was to have a basketball court (half court) that he could shoot some hoops prior to performing on stage. AND – he did utilize the court – cowboy hat and boots on, too.
  • The whole album – The Battle at Garden’s Gate – by Greta Van Fleet is out. They’re the young lads that have the distinct Classic Rock sound – so much like Led Zeppelin.
  • The Black Keys released the single “The Crawling Kingsnake” from their new upcoming album Delta Kream. Due out May 14th. All Blues Covers.
  • Spotify pulled for me “Keep it Poppin” by KingBeat. Initially, I didn’t know why, but then I heard Ludacris join in. Song made me blush. Use headphones – that’s my tip.

“Wake up, live your life and sing the melody of your soul.” – by Amit Ray

morning babble / Thursday 4-15-21

I struggle on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday with tidying up my scribble. You should know the routine by now. This is the scribble that helps me babble.

The 15th of April – normally Tax Day, but that’s May 17th this year – half way through the month and yes, my April Alcohol Drought is still on! I’ve been a good Brent. After Terrible Tuesday, I’m surprised I didn’t grab a beverage. Anyway, I’ve been good.

Sleep numbers – Avg Deep sleep appears to be better but only by 10 to 15 minutes. Meanwhile, REM is lower by 20 minutes. More “light” sleep is happening. I know last Friday after my fast, I was feeling amazing. Then, Saturday came and I got my Covid shot. I’m doing okay still. No real issues, but was obviously not feeling amazing.

I’ve also been good at being patient. When are they going to create the group text, but have it a blind group text? Coaches have been great communicators. Sends out a group message. There is no need to respond. Blowing up my phone.

“If it’s endurable, then endure it. Stop complaining.” – by Marcus Aurelius

morning babble / Wednesday 4-14-21

This is the scribble for my babble . . . tidying up still needs to happen and I really want to provide some links . . . soon! Gotta get to work!!!

Welcome to Not Tuesday. It’s Wednesday. Hump Day. Middle of the week. Closer to the next weekend than last weekend. But – not Tuesday. Taco Tuesdays.

Too many email subscriptions. Yesterday, I took a quote from a recent James Clear newsletter. His is weekly and I always seem to find something in there. Tim Ferriss always has a Friday email called 5 Bullet Friday. Seth Godin is daily. Ryan Holiday’s Daily Dad – daily. Mark Manson – every Monday. That Sunday product email – RECOMENDO. MUD\WTR.

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” – by Jonathan Swift