Monday, January 25, 2021

Back at it on a Monday, my 5k run is complete.  My outside run yesterday was my best time since the Turkey Trot in November 2019!   So, pushing 2020 out of mind more & more.  Feeling good, but my weigh-in this morning tells me that I had a pretty good weekend, too.  Doing the 18 hr fast / 6 hr eating window for the next 4 days.

Just finished up my journal writing in our house library.  I actually have two journals – one is the Daily Stoic Journal – which has a prompt for the day and, like Marcus Aurelius, you have a morning entry and, like Seneca, an evening entry.  Now, I also have a 2nd journal and this is the one that I wanted to highlight.  It’s the One Line a Day Journal – 5 year diary. Every night I write a couple lines of what happened during my day. I really enjoy looking back and seeing what occurred a year ago, two or even three years ago.  This is my 4th year into the 5 year journal. So, three years ago, I had a lot of excitement written for my Eagles heading to the Super Bowl – I didn’t know yet. Looking back one year, I didn’t do much that day, but one year ago yesterday, I was happy that I had a 5 day week at BJJ – miss those days. And then one year ago tomorrow, it is my brother’s birthday, but we also lost Kobe Bryant that day – crazy. Anyway, the One Line a Day Journal – here’s a link:

“You suffer more in imagination than in reality.” — Seneca

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