morning babble / Friday 2-5-21

Halo. It’s a game and my son wanted it. I’m not a good judge on this stuff. Frankly, I can’t wait to get some Grand Theft Auto back into the house. So, I deferred to my wife, being the educator she is. She told my son that if he really wanted the game that he would have to learn the song Halo by Beyoncé and record it. And – he did. Now, we should have been more explicit with how the recording needed to happen since he has the only copy, BUT – he got it done and now he’s also got Halo.

I ran today / Good weigh-in day / 3 day fast begins Monday night

New Music Friday:

  • Foo Fighters new album dropped today – it’s called Medicine at Midnight – 9 new songs
  • Miss Taylor Swift put out another six pack mix of songs – the “ladies lunching” chapter
  • The Weeknd’s compilation album The Highlights is out – 18 songs, well over an hour of music. Again, he’s performing during the Superbowl halftime with Sunday. Also known as the “Big Game”
  • Eve 6 has a new song out – Black Nova
  • Seattle rocker, Ayron Jones, release a single today called “Mercy” – if you like guitars, this guy is in the same area as Gary Clark Jr.
  • Vampire Weekend – 2021 x 2

Last Friday, I talked about Black Pistol Fire with their new release – Look Alive. I got the vinyl! It was a Christmas present, which was supposed to be here on the actual release date of the 29th. Post Office stated 1/30 but then it kept saying that all the way through yesterday. But – it is here now . . . so, it will be enjoyed

“Those who are offended easily should be offended more often” – Mae West

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