morning babble / Saturday 2-6-21

I ran. I have a tendency to forget to say that on Saturdays. So, there it is – 5k run is done and the streak continues. A bit too many of them on the treadmill though. Looking forward to hitting the outside trails – needs to dry up a little more though.

Did the WandaVision show again last night – I won’t dwell but it is good and totally playing with our Marvel minds. We did watch Endgame after it. What a movie. “I love you 3000” gets me every time. Sorry for the spoiler but you really should have seen this one by now.

Anyway – it was a long one, so waking up this morning was a little rough. It is all about the morning routine that helps me get to that run every day. These aren’t earth shattering tips, but this is what helps get me to the mill or trail. Alarm goes off – no snooze. You can’t. I have a long history of hitting that snooze, but there is nothing to gain from hitting it just once or . . . 14 more times, which I’ve done. So, alarm goes off and I stand up right away. I also have a glass/bottle/something of water on my bureau and immediately take a swig. Now, the night before I already have laid out my running clothes. I even have a sock placed inside each running shoe – I know I’m a geek. But – I don’t even have to think about it, I just start changing. I’ve also already picked out my podcast / music the night before, so I pop in the headphones along my journey downstairs and before I know it the warm-up is beginning.

Morning Routine breakdown:
Alarm goes off / No snooze / Stand up and drink that water / clothes are already out / Get dressed / Head to the treadmill while popping in those earbuds / Warm up begins

“No amount of money ever bought a second of time” – Tony Stark, Avengers: Endgame

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