morning babble / Sunday 2-7-21

Soup or Bowl – radio promotion back in the day. The station would hold an event at a bowling alley for the day leading up to the “Big Game.” You could either bring a can of soup to donate or you could pay to bowl for a donation. By doing this, you would then get something from the radio station . . like a shirt. Your name would then be placed in the drawing for something like a big screen TV, which is what everyone wants for viewing on day of the “Big Game.” Miss those days. e had to stay on topic and up-to-date with radio. I enjoyed the days of something happening during the morning show and by afternoon drive, we had a promotion and were giving something away. A little tougher now with all the voicetracking going on and nobody in the building. Not all stations are like that – I still have friends that are actually in there and doing it live!

Birthday Wishes!

Yesterday – Nieces: Ashley and Melissa!

Today – Business Partner, but Friend first: Bob . . . just Bob . . . and you’re still older than me.

Tomorrow – Niece (got a lot of them): Rachel

Happy Birthday to all of ’em!

Hmmmm – back to tonight’s game – Chiefs or Bucs. I have no real preference, but deep down, I’ll be cheering on the 43 year old QB from the University of Michigan – the GOAT Tom Brady. I know that he deflated some balls, but whatever. This guy won 6 Super Bowls for the Patriots and Bill Belichick and they simply turned their backs on him. They thought – “we can get another one.” They didn’t AND they didn’t even get into the playoffs. I like the story here. So, if Mr. Brady wins #7, good for him. He’ll still be the GOAT either way. But – if Andy Reid wins another one . . . I’ll be happy for the former Eagles coach – seriously.

Oh, I still need to run. I think I’m going to keep mixing up my morning routine on Sundays. Sleep a little more. Eat breakfast with the family and always have a slightly later run in the day. It will be done though. Gotta continue the streak!

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary” – by Vince Lombardi

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